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Polythene Recycler UK

Recycling is defined as ‘the action or process of converting waste into a reusable material’, the majority of us are well-versed in the process and actively recycle both at home and work. Whilst the majority of plastic items are easily recyclable, such as your drinks bottles and meat trays, there are some forms of plastic and polythene products that are classified as ‘difficult to recycle’. Flexible packaging such as polythene bags, sheeting, and packaging fall under this hard-to-recycle category, as the majority of local authorities currently do not accept them in their waste collections. Cromwell, however, has the solution – Our Polythene Recycling Service!

UK Polythene Recycling

Our company mission is to be the most resourceful company in plastics, this involves supporting the full life cycle of the product, from production to end of life. This is fully facilitated at our UK manufacturing and recycling facility, CPR Manufacturing based in Derbyshire. At CPR (Cromwell Plastics Recycling), we can both manufacture and recycle polythene products including bags, film, shrink wrap, pallet wrap, and other plastic sheeting.

When we deliver your goods, we can collect your clean flexible packaging and take them to be recycled at no additional fee to yourselves. This will help support circular economy goals, knowing that this polythene is being recycled and remanufactured into new products – all within the UK. This saves from new virgin material having to be used, or imported from overseas and also saves the waste from being exported aboard from disposal – all of which is reducing your (and our) carbon footprint!

With the climate crisis, more of us are looking for ways to make the planet a more resourced place, and recycling the ‘unrecyclable’ is a great step forward! Speak to our team to discuss your polythene recycling needs, we are always on hand to help! 01977 686868 or!

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