Our dedicated CPR Manufacturing site has increased the Cromwell group’s capacity to manufacture high quality polythene products, right here in the UK. We manufacturer LDPE, MDPE, linear and compostable films from 150mm to 1600mm, 20-200 μm micron for the industrial, retail, trade, local authority, and healthcare sectors. The plant can produce 100% recycled films or blends and can run EuCertPlast certified material. Ongoing investment is continually broadening the range of products which currently includes: LFT, CFS, SWS, DWS, with the option of registered printing, and conversion to bags on a roll and in flat packs.

One polymer doesn’t have to be sole ingredient; it can be blended with different types of polymers to create a mix that has the required properties needed for a certain application. This can include but not limited to colour, opaqueness, and changing the characteristics of the material to handle certain environmental conditions.

Our films are produced through a large collection of extruders. Their long run time allows us to provide customers with low lead times and a fast responsive service. Our extruders operate out of a dedicated extrusion hall, optimised for polythene production. This is backed by expert operators and engineers who proactively manage the run at every stage, until the production process is complete. Our diverse extrusion line and deep industry knowledge gives us the capability to produce a vast range of high-quality polythene films, from different widths and styles to a variety of strengths and thicknesses.

With our vast array of conversion machinery, we offer a comprehensive range of conversion capabilities. We can convert bags and covers either loose or perforated and on a roll if required. Despite converting large quantities of polythene film year after year, we strive to ensure that every single product meets the high standards that our customers expect and deserve.

Tel: 01773 835731

AddressDunsford Road, Meadow Lane Industrial Estate, Alfreton DE55 7RH

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