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Plastic packaging’s protective role during this pandemic

During these difficult times, we are being encouraged to spread positivity, and we’d like to talk about the important job that plastic packaging is doing to help key workers in the fight against coronavirus. It is used for medical equipment and to safely protect specialist items, which is incredibly important for infection control at the … Continued

Green Recycle Bin

Recycling is good! But how can it become bad?

Recycling is a process we should and for the most part are doing in our every day lives. It will allow us to continue the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. We are all being encourage to recycle more, whether it is by our councils who provide our waste receptacles, the … Continued

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

Top tips on how to reduce waste

In today’s modern-age, we are all being encouraged to take measures to reduce household waste in our everyday lives. We are regularly being encouraged to recycle and re-use items to help reduce rubbish, however in many cases this is easier said than done. Sadly either due to a lack of recycling resources, knowledge or just … Continued


Changes we are implementing to help combat coronavirus

Huge changes are taking place at home and in the workplace as we take extra care and introduce measures to help contain coronavirus. The importance of cleanliness and hygiene and careful use of resources is particularly essential. Despite challenges, many industries and organisations are continuing to provide essential goods and services. The list of key … Continued

Very Important - Coronavirus

Cromwell Polythene – Covid-19 Virus Update

UPDATE: Thursday, 2nd April We would like to say a big thank you to our warehouse, manufacturing and distribution teams, who are working hard to support essential services and front-line key workers, providing them with vital supplies, including waste capture and containment products, and PPE to help fight against Covid19. We are ensuring our staff … Continued

Polythene Recovery Service

Our free, used polythene recovery service is one way that we help our customers to be more resource-efficient. It keeps valuable resources within the circular economy by returning clean polythene packaging to the production cycle. Used polythene is collected from our customers on a back-load basis, for recycling within the UK, at no additional cost … Continued

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Waste is a major, growing global issue at the moment, with oceans, the environment and landfills cluttered with rubbish and debris.  Television and the media are constantly telling us to reduce our waste, in particular plastics, but often do not give advice on how we do this. This leaves people in a quandary – they … Continued