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World Environment Day 2022 - Cromwell Polythene Ltd

Talking Sustainability: CHSA’s 5 Pillars

Action on climate change is gathering pace, as governments, businesses, and citizens accelerate measures to tackle it and achieve global net-zero by 2050 in order to live more sustainability. We all need to do our bit to make a positive impact. The government has implemented a range of new legislation over the next decade to … Continued

Compost Week 2022 - Food and Garden Waste Recycling

Celebrating Compost Week

March is a busy month to raise the awareness of waste matters, with last week seeing the return of Food Action Waste Week, and it nicely coincides with Compost Week UK 2022. From March 14th until March 20th the celebration of Compost Week commences, raising awareness and showcasing the benefits attributed to composting. Compost is … Continued

Always take your litter home to recycling responsibly

Focus on Litter – why, where & how to prevent

Keep Britain Tidy shares the shocking statistic that more than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day. This costs the taxpayers over £1 billion a year for street cleaning around UK streets, beaches, and countrysides. As we celebrate another year of the GB Spring Clean, it highlights the problems with … Continued

Food Action Waste Week 2021

Food Action Waste Week Returns

In 2021, WRAP and Love Food Hate Waste, teamed up to debut their very first ‘Food Action Waste Week’. The 7th to 13th of March will be dedicated to raising awareness of the environmental consequences of letting the vital resource of food go to waste. The success of the first ‘Food Action Waste’ and reception … Continued

Litter Picking and Street Cleaning Bags from Cromwell Polythene

The Theme is ‘Clean’ for Cromwell

Cleaning, hygiene, recycling, and good waste management are 4 areas of our expertise, and sectors we have adapted and evolved within over the past 4 decades. Our products not only capture and contain the waste and recyclables, but they are also helping to keep our planet a cleaner, greener, and more resourceful place to live. … Continued

Litter picking for a cleaner planet - bags available from Cromwell Polythene

Take your litter picking to the next level!

Litter picking has become an increasingly popular activity for many, as more and more of us begin to take great pride in the area we live and work within. Even the smallest litter picks make a big impact overall on the health of the planet. Why are litter picks so important? We are constantly promoting … Continued

Cromwell Polythene - Waste Management and Recycling Experts

Product Consolidation – Cromwell Polythene

For almost 40 years, Cromwell has supplied the waste management sector with a range of products for the capture and containment of waste resource and recyclables. Today we work with a broad spectrum of industries including local authorities, cleaning & hygiene, retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, food service, and many more. As we have grown and … Continued

Cardboardless pallets in the Cromwell - 01977 686868

Final Countdown to the Plastics Packaging Tax

Cromwell Polythene, experienced manufacturers and suppliers of products for the capture and containment of materials for recycling, has initiated a ‘Countdown to the Plastic Packaging Tax’ campaign. This is to support businesses and their suppliers prepare for this new policy. What is the Plastics Packaging Tax? From the 1st April 2022, this new tax of … Continued

Correct segregate your recycling and waste.

Common household items which cannot be recycled!

Despite strategies and methods of collections depending on individual local authorities, the same types of waste are typically collected. Typical waste that is collected includes paper, plastic, glass, metals, garden, food, and of course the un-recyclable general waste. Despite most waste being separated into clear categories, there are a few household items that are often … Continued