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Litter is the issue with waste not plastics - Cromwell

Environmental Folklore – Why Plastic Is Not The Issue

We are never far from a story demonising plastics, social media, blogs, activists and other outlets continually share stories about the many negative impacts of plastics. Plastic filled beaches, littered bottles and bags and “unnecessary” packaging is promoted to show what a harmful and unnecessary problem the material is, when in reality, this couldn’t be … Continued

Our refuse sacks are ideal for the capture and containment of waste and recycling

Handling Waste and Recycling During COVID & Lockdown

In early January 2021, the UK Government announced another nationwide lockdown, the third since the COVID-19 pandemic began early last year. With us now as a nation ‘Staying Home’, as the lockdown slogan demands, we have seen a shift in our normal routines and many changes have occurred, one of which being an influx of … Continued

Waste Segregation is vitally important to good recycling

One Bin is Rubbish! Waste Segregation

One of the most confusing things about household waste management is understanding what goes into which bin, and what items can and cannot be recycled. This confusion only deepens with many local councils having differing waste management collections. Depending on where you live, and which local authority you come under will determine how your waste … Continued

Cromwell Supports WRAPS Textile Waste Reducing Campaign

WRAP’s Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP)

WRAP’s vision is a world in which resources are used sustainably, with this they are always finding innovative ways and strategies in which they can meet their circular economy goals. Over the years WRAP has introduced several campaigns to help tackle various types of waste, from food to textile waste, all in a bid to … Continued

Cromwell’s Lookback Newsletter – 2020 Overview

As the festive season fast approaches and we reach the end of what has been an unusual year, we are having a look back at what has happened at Cromwell during 2020! Despite the pandemic, here at Cromwell Polythene and CPR Manufacturing, we have continued our services, helping to ensure an uninterrupted supply to our customers … Continued