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Cromwell Memberships and Affiliations

Cromwell Memberships and Affiliations is a commitment to staying abreast of legislative changes and upholding industry standards. Remaining at the forefront of evolving regulations is imperative to daily operations, ensuring not only legal compliance but also contributing to the shaping of industry practices. By actively participating in these organisations, Cromwell fortifies a commitment to transparency, accountability, and best practices.

Cromwell Memberships and Affiliations listed below allow us to stay well-informed about the latest news announcements, product advancements, and sustainability developments within the sector. This knowledge, in turn, positions Cromwell to provide partners with accurate and timely information, ensuring everyone remains informed. Staying informed is a crucial aspect of organisational agility and adaptability. In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to make quick changes is often the key to maximising resources and minimising disruption.

Cromwell Memberships and Affiliations also provide the opportunity to network with partners face to face. These networking opportunities serve as a vibrant platform for forging meaningful connections, fostering collaboration, and exchanging insights. In these settings, members have the chance to engage in open dialogue, discuss industry trends, and uncover potential collaborative ventures. Cromwell ensures that the opportunity to connect in person becomes a catalyst for innovation and business growth.

BBIA – Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association

We are members of the Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA). The BBIA is the UK trade body for companies producing bio-based and biodegradable products and promotes the circular bioeconomy. In line with our ambition to make the world a cleaner, greener place we supply a range of compostable liners used in the capture and containment of food waste, potentially diverting millions of tonnes of household and commercial organic material from landfill, either to anaerobic digestion plants or composting facilities.

Cromwell are proud to be members of the BBIA - Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association - 01977 686868
BPF – British Plastics Federation

The British Plastics  Federation is the most powerful voice in the UK plastic industry, with over 500 members across the industry supply chain. We are members of the BPF Plastic and Flexible Packaging Group.

As a business operating in the plastics industry, we are proud to be associated with the BPF. Membership affords us regular access to industry leaders who keep us up to date with news and legislation, and help us operate today and prepare for tomorrow.

We attend and occasionally present at BPF seminars and conferences that help us develop and share our understanding of the market so we can continue to highlight the important role of plastics in modern life.

Cromwell are proud supports of the British Plastic Federation - Ask us about our partnership
CHSA – Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association

We are proud members of the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association, whose codes of practice provides customers with an assurance of professional conduct, customer service and quality.

We are founding members of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) Accreditation Scheme for Plastic Refuse Sacks. Our Sales Director is also a council member of the CHSA and has been since 2009.

The CHSA represents all the major manufacturers and distributors, from global multinationals and national networks to privately owned independent businesses. The organisation gives businesses like ours a powerful collective voice and keeps them informed and connected through events, seminars and newsletters. We are always keen to get involved within these events and other marketing promotions.

Cromwell are proud of our CHSA Accreditation which we can attribute to our products to allow them to 'what is on the box is in the box' - 01977 686868
HWMA (Formally SMDSA) – Healthcare Waste Management Association

The Healthcare Waste Management Association represents a variety of businesses involved in the handling, collection, treatment and disposal of healthcare and hygiene waste material produced across the UK, Cromwell Polythene are one of these companies.

The HWMA is the trade association for all those working in the healthcare and hygiene waste sector. Cromwell Polythene are part of and work within both of these sectors, supplying our bags and sacks. We also stock other hygiene products including disposable gloves and aprons, which fall under our high quality and cost effective Wave® range. The HWMA champions issues around policy, regulation, and best practice, aiming to be the principal point of contact for providers, consumers, and regulators of healthcare and hygiene waste services, they are our go-to advisors for news and guidance.

Cromwell are very proud Healthcare Waste Management Association Partners- HWMA
FPA – Foodservice Packaging Association

The Foodservice Packaging Association brings together manufacturers and distributors of packaging used to serve and prepare food and beverages on the go with the UK’s hospitality industry.

As suppliers to the foodservice industry, the FPA is a very influential and important association for us to be involved within. The FPA are keen on promoting the responsible manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, usage and disposal of foodservice packaging, an initiative we are very keen to get behind.

Being a member of the FPA keeps us well informed on industry news, reporting and guidelines. As well as being part of many of their networking events and promotions.

Cromwell are very pleased to be members of the FPA - Foodservice packaging association as we supply to many companies in the industry - 01977 686868
LARAC – The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committe

LARAC, The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee, was formed in 1985 to represent the emerging voice of local government recycling officers.

We are a LARAC Partner, which gives us a platform to engage at a higher level with Local Authorities and other members. LARAC share and promote views in waste and recycling issues, whilst also educating its partners and members on industry news and updates.

Being partners allows us to attend meetings, events and conferences held by LARAC, which is the ideal opportunity to both promote our business and network with other industry experts. LARAC also provides us with support and guidance wherever we need it and promotes our business via news and PR.

Proud LARAC Partners Cromwell Polythene - ask us about our partnership - 01977 686868
RECOUP – Recycling Of Used Plastics Limited

RECOUP is an organisation which aims to promote, develop, stimulate and increase the levels of plastics recycling within the UK.

As keen supporters of plastic recycling, this is a cause very close to our hearts. RECOUP’s membership packages are designed to offer you the greatest access to services and information required to maximise your environmental performance within plastics recycling. RECOUP provide us with excellent project support, brilliant networking opportunities, profound knowledge, promotion and much more.

Cromwell Polythene are very proud to be RECOUP Members - the UK’s leading independent authority and trusted voice on plastics resource efficiency and recycling.

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