We supply a range of compostable sacks and caddy liners to fit all standard sizes that support food and organic waste management strategies.

Manufactured from Ecopond® biodegradable plastic, using starch and lactide-based derivatives of plant sources, these products are fully compliant with the European composting standard (EN13432), which requires more than 90% of the plastic mass to convert into biomass, CO2 and water, with no harmful residue.

As food waste collections become ever more popular, we recognise the need to provide councils and waste management companies with alternatives to compostable bags, which can be conveniently removed with debagging equipment at the front end of AD plants.

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Green Compostable Liners

Code Description Size (mm) Size (inch) Packing MNBW (kg) Enquire
COMP5 5L (200)x360x365 (8)x14x14 2000pcs/carton (80rolls x 25pcs) 5.79 kg
COMP7 7L (210)x390x390 (8)x15x16 2080pcs/carton (40rolls x 52pcs) 6.97 kg
COMP10 10L (240)x450x450 (9)x18x18 1040pcs/carton (40rolls x 26pcs) 5.06 kg
COMP25 25L (300)x570x590 (12)x22x23 520pcs/carton (20rolls x 26pcs) 4.90 kg
COMP40 40L (170)x675x690 (7)x27x27 500pcs/carton (20rolls x 25pcs) 7.46 kg
COMP80L 80L (182)x725x850 (7)x29x34 400pcs/carton (40rolls x 10pcs) 8.88 kg
COMP140 140L (508)x864x1067 (20)x34x42 200pcs/carton (20rolls x 10pcs) 6.64 kg
COMP240 240L (565)x1125x1400 (22)x45x55 100pcs/carton (10rolls x 10pcs) 5.68 kg

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