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Polythene Recovery Service

Cromwell offers a used polythene recovery service to help our customers to be more resource-efficient. It keeps valuable resources within the circular economy by returning clean polythene packaging to the production cycle. Used polythene is collected from our customers on a back-load basis, for recycling within the UK and saves virgin materials in line with the principles of the circular economy and reduces landfill. Benefits for customers include reduction of waste disposal costs and regular reporting of packaging returns for recycling. The Polythene Recovery Service is broken down into 4 simple stages.

We are at a point where society’s relationship with plastics is evolving. The plastics industry, government and wider society all want the same thing: to reduce excess plastic waste so we leave the environment in a better place for generations to come. The time is now for the UK to develop and implement more sustainable business methods, to enhance its infrastructure and establish, embed and grow a culture that recycles used materials wherever possible.

Excellent waste management is a skill in which we should all strive for, one which is easily achievable with the right mindset and goals. How we handle our waste has detrimental impacts on the end recycling result, if it is handled in the wrong manner, this will impact the effectiveness and recyclability of the thrown away items. It is not only the way we dispose of our waste, but it is also the levels of which that we produce that we need to take into consideration.

AddressDunsford Road, Meadow Lane Industrial Estate, Alfreton DE55 7RH.

You can check if your supplier is an accredited manufacturer of recycling materials here.

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