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Plastics and polythene extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted and formed into a continuous profile. At CPR manufacturing our team can extrude polythene bags, sheeting and tubbing to your bespoke requirements. 

Our films are produced through a large collection of extruders. Their long run time allows us to provide customers with low lead times and fast responsive service. Our extruders operate out of a dedicated extrusion hall, optimised for polythene production. This is backed by expert operators and engineers who proactively manage the run at every stage, until the production process is complete. Our diverse extrusion line and deep industry knowledge gives us the capability to produce a vast range of high-quality polythene films, from different widths and styles to a variety of strengths and thicknesses.

Discuss your polythene extrusion requirements with our expert team today. 

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Waste & Recycling Sacks

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Compactor Sacks & Wheeled Bin Liners

Pedal Bin Icon - Cromwell Polythene

Pedal, Square & Swing Bin Liners

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The rUK Sack

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Clinical Waste

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Building & Construction

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