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GN3810 - Cromwell Polythene Green Refuse Sack

Cromwell’s extensive range of refuse sacks includes our coloured bag range. These sacks come in an array of colours, which includes our range of green refuse sacks. Within this range we have a CHSA Accredited extra heavy-duty, green refuse sack – GN090A1. This bag is a 90L sack with dimensions of: 457mmx737mmx965mm and is made from 95% recycled content.

These are our strongest green refuse sacks, being tested to withhold waste up to 20kg, which classifies them as CHSA extra heavy duty. In each carton of GN090A1, there are 200 pcs/ carton (8 folds x 25 pcs), and there are 54 boxes on a pallet.

These bags are ideal for the capture or containment of waste and recycling to a weight of 20kg. Their green colour also allows them to stand our easily, and can be branded to suit a business or local authority.

View the Product Information sheet for full details.