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CPR Manufacturing

Cromwell Polythene has a manufacturing and recycling division named CPR Manufacturing in Alfreton, Derbyshire. The site has increased the group’s capacity to recover and reprocess scrap polythene, furthering its ambitions to stimulate the circular economy of resources. The site compliments Cromwell’s existing Polythene Recovery Service which facilitates the collection of scrap polythene from customers and ensures resources are kept within the UK. Recovered material is recycled on-site and extruded into more film, increasing the recycled content of the factory’s output in line with WRAP guidelines.

Cromwell’s Manufacturing Division

Take a look inside our manufacturing site that recycles, extruders, and recycles polythene film.


Cromwell’s manufacturing team don’t just produce and deliver polythene; they develop and improve it. Whether it’s a brand-new packaging line that requires extensive trials, testing and technical advice or just simply being available to work alongside a customer to test new blends. The quality of our workmanship is extremely high, and our rigorously trained and experienced machine operators use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure consistency in every run.

CPR Manufacturing Bag Making and Manufacturing - 01977 686868

We understand polythene requirements are not always suited to a one size fits all approach. Sometimes bespoke support is required, and tailored product needs to be manufactured. Our team can collaborate with you to produce blends that have a specific purpose and create film that meets requested specification.

Each blend we produce can be a mix of different polythene grades and additives, which are designed to give the performance characteristics needed for a requested purpose. Cromwell’s industry leading team of account managers, operators and engineers have collectively developed a reputation for being at the cusp of employing innovative polymers to craft highly valued polythene and compostable products. Through strong long-lasting relationships, and rigorous R&D, our teams source the latest technology from around the world to create blends that produce cutting edge polythene that excels in purpose, reducing a customer’s environmental impact and cost.

Cromwell Plastic Recycling - CPR Manufacturing are UK Manufacturers and recyclers of polythene

We continually evaluate our manufacturing processes to enhance film performance and reduce waste. Everything produced is always fantastic quality and great value. For more information on these specialist products, speak to a member of our sales team who will be happy to quote against samples supplied or advise on the most suitable product to meet your specific needs.

CPR Manufacturing - UK Polythene manufacturing, conversion and recycling

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Waste & Recycling Sacks

Wheelie Bin Icon -We offer a range of wheeled bin liners in blends and formulations to suit the application, whether it is for a high specification/strength or for maximum economy.

Compactor Sacks & Wheeled Bin Liners

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Pedal, Square & Swing Bin Liners

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The rUK Sack

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Clinical Waste

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