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240L Wheeled Bin Liners

We offer a range of 240L wheeled bin liners in blends and formulations to suit the application, whether it is for a high specification/strength or for maximum economy. Standard colours are black and natural (clear). Product Information Sheets are available for each product. Use the ‘Enquire’ tool to request them.

Take a look at WRAPS ‘Binfrastructure‘ a document which provides good practice guidance on litter bin infrastructure. It helps you decide which bin will be best suited in which area – from here we can help decide which bag is best.

240L Black Wheeled Bin Liner

Code Description Size (mm) Recycled Content Packing MNBW (kg) Enquire
BK240C1 240L Wheeled Bin Liner (762)x1143x1372 97% 100pcs/carton (4 packs x 25pcs) 4.44 kg
BK240B1 240L Wheeled Bin Sack (762)x1143x1372 97% 100 pcs/carton (4 folds x 25 pcs) 6.91 kg
BK240A1 240L Wheeled Bin Sack + (762)x1143x1372 97% 100pcs/carton (4 folds x 25pcs) 10.00kg
BK300B1 300L Wheeled Bin Sack (711)x1270x1372 97% 100pcs/carton (4 folds x 25pcs) 10.15 kg
BK300A1 300L Wheeled Bin Sack + (711)x1270x1372 97% 50pcs/carton (2 folds x 25pcs) 8.23 kg

240L Natural Wheeled Bin Liner

Code Description Size (mm) Recycled Content Packing MNBW (kg) Enquire
NA240C0 240L Natural Wheelie Liner (254)x1143x1372 100% 200 pcs (20 rolls x 10 pcs) 8.89 kg
NA240B1 240L Wheeled Bin Sack (762)x1143x1372 100% 100 pcs/carton (5 folds x 20 pcs) 7.41 kg
NA240A1 240L Wheeled Bin Sack+ (762)x1143x1372 100% 100 pcs/ carton (4 folds x 25 pcs) 10.00 kg

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