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Water-Soluble Strip Laundry Bags

Our Water-Soluble strip laundry bags are a very popular choice within our disposal range.

Wave® water-soluble strip laundry bags

The bags incorporate a water-soluble seal running the length of the bag and a tie string for securing the bags when full to avoid unwanted spillages. The strip and tie dissolve in the wash cycle (hot or cold) allowing the contents to discharge into the wash. The bag itself is taken out with the wash and may either be recycled or burned for energy recovery in an EFW plant.

These bags remove the need for any additional contact with contaminated laundry once secured in the bag, the user simply places the laundry into the bag and inserts the bag into the wash, eliminating the last stage of physically removing the contaminants from the bag.

The water-soluble strip laundry bags are available in a number of sizes and supplied in cartons of 200, with four poly packs of 50 per carton. These bags are a key part of our award-winning Wave® range of protective products and are a cost-effective solution for the safe containment of soiled linen and are particularly popular in medical and clinical environments, as well as care and nursing homes.

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