Our extensive portfolio includes refuse sacks, recycling sacks, Ecopond® biodegradable, compostable bags, paper sacks, battery bags, dog waste bags and a full range of clinical waste sacks.

We have pioneered the need for increased performance from polymers at lower gauges to reduce the amount of plastic used, culminating in the launch of our exclusive LOWCO2T™ range, which brings about substantial savings in CO2 and other emissions throughout the supply chain. LOWCO2T™ options are available for many of our domestic refuse and recycling sacks.

We are also extremely proud of our recycled blends, where we can boast a 97% recycled content. Where possible we promote use of this grade, although we will supply other materials on those occasions when virgin films are needed, such as for food use.

Waste & Recycling Sacks

Compactor Sacks & Wheeled Bin Liners

Pedal, Square & Swing Bin Liners

Compostable & Anaerobic Digestion

Kerbside & Multi-trip Recycling Bags


Clinical Waste


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