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Tiger Striped Clinical waste bags

For use by healthcare, clinical and specialist waste collection companies, Cromwell Polythene’s UN-accredited clinical waste sacks ensure compliance with European legislation for the collection, transport and disposal of appropriate wastes, as detailed in the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) classification 18 01 – wastes from natal care, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease in humans.

CHSA Tiger Stripe Clinical Medical Waste Bags Cromwell

Tiger Striped Clinical waste bags are a Yellow Bags with Black Stripes for offensive waste (inc. sanitary/nappy waste).

For waste arising from the treatment of non-infectious patients, possibly containing bodily fluids, for example:

  • PPE (gloves, masks aprons)
  • Wipes, dressings, plasters and bandages – non-infectious
  • Incontinence waste – non-infectious
  • Soiled sanitary towels and tampons – from public and work-based female toilets
  • Nappies – from baby changing areas and nurseries.

This waste may be sent to landfill, or incineration, or AT.

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Clinical Waste - which bag is best - colour guide
Having the UN Accreditation on your clinical waste sacks will ensure these bags with help ensure excellent standards for the safe collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of healthcare waste. UN coding will help you assist buyers and users of clinical waste bags, helping them to understand and identify genuine UN certificate approval markings, and providing a list of current certificate of packaging approval numbers for reassurance they are buying or using fully compliant bags.

Clinical Waste Sacks - Landfill

Code Description Size (mm) Recycled Content Packing MNBW (kg) Enquire
TG030E0 30L Tiger Stripe (220)x432x635 97% 500 pcs/carton (10 rolls x 50 pcs) 4.75kg
TG080E0 80L 10kg CHSA Tiger Stripe (380)x737x850 35% 400pcs/carton (16 rolls x 25pcs) 4.73kg
TG080C0 80L Tiger Stripe (380)x740x915 95% 200pcs/carton (8 rolls x 25pcs) 7.89kg

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