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Cromwell supplies from stock or made to order polythene bags in a wide variety of specifications to meet customers’ individual requirements. Our technical sales team is able to quote against a sample sent to us or advise on the optimum bag or liner to suit customers’ specific needs. All of our food bags are manufactured from virgin food grade polymers, with options ranging from base weld or side weld, captive flap, through to double seal for extra security, all aimed at keeping the food fresh and free from contamination. Product Information Sheets are available for each product. Use the ‘Enquire’ tool to request them.

Clear LDPE Food Grade - Light Duty

Code Size (mm) Size (inch) Inner (pcs) Outer (pcs) Enquire
AK079 175x225 7x9 1,000 10,000
AK0810 200x250 8x10 1,000 6,000
AK0812 200x300 8x12 1,000 5,000
AK1012 250x300 10x12 1,000 5,000
AK1015 250x375 10x15 1,000 3,000
AK1215 300x375 12x15 1,000 2,000
AK1218 300x450 12x18 1,000 2,000
AK1520 375x500 15x20 500 1,000
AK1824 450x600 18x24 250 1,000
AK2030 500x750 20x30 500 1,000
AK2436 600x900 24x36 250 500

Clear LDPE Food Grade - 100 Gauge

Code Size (mm) Size (inch) Inner (pcs) Outer (pcs) Enquire
DK1218 300x450 12x18 1,000 2,000
DK1520 375x500 15x20 500 1,000
DK1824 450x600 18x24 250 1,000

Clear LDPE Food Grade - 200 Gauge

Code Size (mm) Size (inch) Inner (pcs) Outer (pcs) Enquire
FN068 150x200 6x8 1,000 4,000
FN079 175x225 7x9 1,000 4,000
FN0810 200x250 8x10 1,000 4,000
FN0812 200x300 8x12 1,000 2,000
FN1012 250x300 10x12 500 2,000
FN1015 250x375 10x15 500 1,000
FN1215 300x375 12x15 500 1,000
FN1218 300x450 12x18 500 1,000
FN1520 375x500 15x20 250 1,000
FN1824 450x600 18x24 125 750
FN2030 500x750 20x30 125 500
FN2436 600x900 24x36 125 500
FN3648 900x1200 36x48 100 200

Clear LDPE Food Grade - 400 Gauge

Code Size (mm) Size (inch) Inner (pcs) Outer (pcs) Enquire
SN0812 200x300 8x12 250 1,000
SN1012 250x300 10x12 250 1,000
SN1015 250x375 10x15 250 500
SN1215 300x375 12x15 250 500
SN1218 300x450 12x18 250 500
SN1520 375x500 15x20 200 400
SN1824 450x600 18x24 50 200
SN2030 500x750 20x30 50 200
SN2436 600x900 24x36 50 200
SN3648 900x1200 36x48 50 100

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