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12 Days of Waste

Tis’ the season to start reducing your waste. As we near the end of the year, we often take time to reflect back over the last 12 months, as we reminisce about the year gone by we can’t help but think about the waste which we have produced.  We create 2.12 billion tons of waste … Continued

A to Z of Waste and Recycling

As suppliers of products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables, these 2 subjects are always fresh in our minds here at Cromwell Polythene. We are continually trying to encourage and educate people on matter such as recycling and waste management. As such we have devised an A-Z of handy tips, tricks or just … Continued

Cromwell Polythene launches scented, antimicrobial tiger sack for clinical waste

Cromwell Polythene, experts in sacks, bags and speciality products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables is launching a scented and antimicrobial tiger stripe sack. The new product is part of its Sansafe® and clinical waste management range. The tiger stripe sack incorporates Biomaster silver antimicrobial technology, added during the film extrusion process. … Continued

Paper Bags vs. Plastic Bags - Which is Better

Plastics Bags vs. Paper

In the midst of the plastic recycling boom, people are taking drastic measures to reduce plastic waste and reduce the numbers of single use plastics. Cotton buds, straws and stirrers are the 3 known things that are going to be banned by April 2020, with plans to add more plastic items to this restricted list. … Continued

Autumn Update 2019

After a wonderfully successful summer, we are very thankful to proceed with an equally impressive autumn. Here is what we have been up to since our Summer update. LARAC Award Success Back in August, we entered the LARAC (The Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee) Awards 2019. This was for our partnership with Selby District Council … Continued

Summer Cromwell Polythene Newsletter Logo

Summer Update 2019

We’ve had a brilliant 2019 so far, and still have a busy and exciting few months ahead. With so much going on, we thought we would share some of our latest news and updates with you. Great British Beach Clean For the 3rd consecutive year, we will be taking part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Great … Continued

High Quality Blue Nitrile Glove - Cromwell Polythene

Safe management of waste

A wide variety of waste is generated in the care sector including used medical gloves, swabs and dressings, needles and sharps, and sanitary waste. If healthcare waste is not managed properly it can be harmful to the environment. All waste needs to be dealt with effectively, not only for infection control and prevention, but also … Continued

Cromwell Polythene Waste Recycling Bin Liners

The scale of food waste leaves a bad taste!

You don’t need to look too far to read a headline about our food waste crisis, and targets and measures to improve recycling rates. Clearly the greatest level of effort should be made to reduce the level of surplus food wasted in the first place. However, when food is thrown-away, we all know that it … Continued

Meet The Team - Alex Lee

Cromwell Polythene appoints a new business development manager

Alex Lee promoted to the role for western region of UK, as long-standing recycling expert retires Family run business, Cromwell Polythene, which supplies a range of polythene and compostable products to aid recycling and waste management, has appointed Alex Lee as a business development manager, through internal promotion. Alex Lee joined the Cromwell Polythene team … Continued

Cromwell Branded Community Bins

Comparison clean-up from Cromwell Polythene for the Great British Spring Clean indicates a reduction in littering and benefits of Clean Driver Scheme

Results from a voluntary clean-up by Cromwell Polythene in its local area to support The Great British Spring Clean 2019, indicate levels of rubbish have decreased significantly compared to last year. The family-run business, which supplies a range of polythene products to aid recycling, annually supports the Keep Britain Tidy environmental campaign to eliminate litter … Continued