Summer Holidays Impacts on Waste

Schools out for Summer and for many this time of year is the perfect time to take a break from work, go on holiday, make time for the family, or even just soak up a bit of the summer sunshine. Whilst the schools will be taking a break from waste consumption, this waste isn’t disappearing, instead, it is being created in different environments. So where are these new found places, what types of waste and how can we keep control of these?

Waste at Home

The breaks from education, often sees many parents also take time off during the summer holidays to spend time with their families, this is resulting in many people being at home more often. Of course, us being at home more will result in an increase in waste – typically this is food waste and food packaging waste. More meals are being made and consumed at home, as such excess food waste is being created, whether this is from peelings, off cuts, left-overs, or even expired food – most of which will have come packaged to maintain its freshness, which is the second form of waste.

Helping to keep this waste under-wraps is easy, followings the tips listed in our ‘Food For Thought – 8 Ways to Reduce Food Waste’ guide, will help advise on best practices. These include, forward planning, how best to use food that will soon expire, and more. Whilst these are good processes to follow, waste will still be created, this is where having a food caddy with a compostable liner could help. This is the most environmentally friendly way to deal with food waste – organic waste collections are the recycling of food waste and compostable liners help with the decomposition process. It is an easy and economical way to ensure you food waste is being handled in the most environmentally friendly way, with the lowest impact to the planet.

Organic waste isn’t the only form of household waste that increases as we stay home – many of us seize the opportunity of being at home to have a clear out or even redecorate. Both of these instances see more domestic, clothing, and textile waste being disposed of as we decide to refresh our own style and that of our home. Much of this ‘waste’ is still in good condition, and as such we should put greater consideration into how we dispose of it. Donating these items to charity shops and clothes banks is a brilliant and environmentally friendly way to give your pre-loved belongings a new lease of life, without them turning into waste.

On the go waste

When we are not at home, it is likely we are out, enjoying the summer sunshine, perhaps taking a nice walk, having a picnic in the park or heading to the beach. The waste we produce whilst we enbrace the warmer weather may not be something many of us have considered, but it is something that sees an influx. Any food, beverages, toys and games which we enjoy whilst outdoors could potentially turn to waste if not correctly handled. Studies show that litter levels increase during the summer months, this has a direct correlation with the increase in footfall in these areas.

For this form of waste, the solution is simple – responsible waste management, which means never leaving any waste behind as litter. Finding a suitable bin, and if this is not an option, we must take our litter home to dispose of, is the correct way we can contol our waste whilst on the go.

Hospitality waste

As stated in one of our recent blogs, the waste in the hospitality sector begins to mount during the summer. With a rise in footfall in hospitality, comes a rise in waste levels. July, August, and September are the busiest times of year for the hospitality sector, especially hotels, holiday resorts, and restaurants, this is resulting in a rise in waste levels. Read the article in full here.

MMuch like household waste, this waste is inevitable, but handling it can be as simple as introducing more bins in hot spot areas, increasing the collections of these bins to make room for more waste, and ensuring businesses have a good stock of waste bags to capture said waste. View our product range to assist with the inevitable influx.


The British Summer is nothing but unpredictable, so it is important we enjoy it whilst it is here – but alongside the enjoyment, we should ensure we are keeping a good grip on our waste management habits. Putting a bit of extra thought into our waste handling will ensure we are managing it in the most environmentally responsible way. Talk to Cromwell if you need help handling your waste during the summer holidays.