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Anti-litter posters on display - free to download from Cromwell Polythene

Free Downloadable Anti Litter Pack

Across the globe, there is one environmental issue that all countries share, and this is littering. You can find littered waste scattered across our beaches, countrysides, paths, roads, and parks. In the UK studies have found that 80% of litter is done purposefully, with the guilty party showing no intention of responsibly disposing of this … Continued

Tackle issues with summer smells with waste - Cromwells advice

Summer Scents & Managing Residential Waste

The spring/summer season is upon us, with nights getting lighter and the weather getting warmer. Whatever season we enter, waste is guaranteed and must be handled appropriately, however, the change in seasons should prompt us to take additional waste management steps. Scents of Summer The warmer weather is excellent for crops and agriculture but can … Continued

Compostable Liners with the re-order ribbons suitable for Local Authorities - Cromwell Polythene

Adding Value With The Compostable Ribbon

This month we are taking a more in-depth focus on the subject of food waste. Sadly food waste seems to be a neglectful waste type, and many people are often unaware that food can be recycled. Highlighting the awareness of this type of recycling is something we aim to raise, to help increase. Food waste … Continued

UK Polythene Manufacturer and Recycler - Lay Flat Tubing

Key changes to EPR you should know

The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the UK Government have ambitious goals to protect our climate, drive green growth, and reduce unnecessary waste. One way in which they plan to do this is by successfully implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme (EPR). After a recent consultation, DEFRA released a publication … Continued

World Environment Day 2022 - Cromwell Polythene Ltd

Talking Sustainability: CHSA’s 5 Pillars

Action on climate change is gathering pace, as governments, businesses, and citizens accelerate measures to tackle it and achieve global net-zero by 2050 in order to live more sustainability. We all need to do our bit to make a positive impact. The government has implemented a range of new legislation over the next decade to … Continued

Cromwell Polythene - Waste Management and Recycling Experts

Product Consolidation – Cromwell Polythene

For almost 40 years, Cromwell has supplied the waste management sector with a range of products for the capture and containment of waste resource and recyclables. Today we work with a broad spectrum of industries including local authorities, cleaning & hygiene, retail, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, food service, and many more. As we have grown and … Continued