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Companies across the UK are experiencing supply chain issues - Cromwell

Global Freight Delays are Causing Supply Issues

Companies across the UK are experiencing supply chain issues. These issues have grown over time as numerous factors have compounded to seriously disrupt the supply of everything from computer chips into the automotive industry, to food and drink into hospitality.  In the UK, established brands such as Nandos, BP, McDonalds, and Iceland have all reported … Continued

The Waste Hierarchy - as explained by Cromwell Polythene

The Waste Hierarchy – 6 Steps to Waste Disposal Success

The waste hierarchy is a 6-step process, often displayed in a pyramid style, to provide guidance for best waste disposal practices. Starting from the top of the ‘pyramid’, consumers are encouraged to work their way down each point of the list to help manage their waste better, with the final option in the chart, option … Continued

The Importance Of Food Packaging To Prevent Waste

The Importance of Food Packaging In A Post COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the importance of good hygiene practices, with constant reminders to wash our hands, use sanitizer and wear facemasks. These messages are helping to keep ourselves and surfaces clean, but what about things like food, which cannot be sanitized? This is where the value of food packaging comes in. Despite the … Continued

Plastic Tax Countdown - Just 10 months until the tax comes into effect

Countdown to the Plastic Packaging Tax – are you and your suppliers ready?

With ten months to go until the Plastic Packaging Tax comes into effect, are you and your suppliers getting prepared? From the 1 April 2022, this new tax of £200 per metric tonne will apply to plastic packaging manufactured in, or imported into, the UK which contain less than 30% recycled plastic. Although we have … Continued

Plan ahead as places reopen, to protect people, planet, and production supply

Hope is on the horizon, as data indicates the UK is turning the tide against COVID-19. The roadmap to reopening industries, including hospitality, leisure, and retail, is gathering pace and there are indications that restrictions will be lifted completely in June. As more sectors rebuild and rebound, having procedures in place to do so safely … Continued

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Meeting compostable packaging supply and demand in the war on food waste

My previous blog focused on the urgency of tackling food waste, and I mentioned the benefits that compostable caddy liners can play in removing public barriers to recycling this valuable resource. Raw material shortages Clearly, compostable packaging has an important role to play in helping to tackle the food waste crisis. However, it has been … Continued