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Environmental Protection - Plastic Packaging Tax

How Practical is the Plastic Packaging Tax?

The Government has outlined plans to introduce a Plastic Packaging Tax from April 2022, which will apply to plastic packaging manufactured in, or imported into the UK that contains less than 30% recycled plastics. The objective of the government’s policy is to provide an economic incentive for businesses to use recycled material in the production … Continued

Waste and Litter - Refuse Sacks available from Cromwell

Who is to blame?

Sitting scrolling through social media, reading articles and watching the television, we see countless examples of ‘Waste Bashing’ and the material that seems to get the most attention? Plastics. Claims such as ‘There will be more plastic in the ocean than fish in 2050’ are turning people against the material, showing only the negative impacts … Continued

Cromwell’s No Meat November Challenge

Always keen to take on new challenges, our team has decided to take steps to help reduce their carbon footprints by removing meat from their diets for a whole month. A light-hearted challenge, that aims to help make a difference (no matter how small) many members of the Cromwell team have chosen to tackle a … Continued

Are you prepared for Lockdown 2.0?

The Government announced last week that England will go into a second lockdown for 4 weeks from Thursday 5th November. As the cases throughout the UK began to rise over the last few months, it seemed inevitable that’s something like this would happen, but still came as a shock to many individuals and businesses. Unlike … Continued

Halloween Horrors Avoided With Waste Reducing Tips

Halloween Horrors Avoided With Waste Reducing Tips

The Halloween season is upon us, and although COVID has put a halt on parties, gatherings and trick or treating, for many of us the celebrations may still continue just from the comfort of our homes or for children in schools. The reduction in public interaction, will not mean a reduction in Halloween waste.17 million … Continued

LowCO2t Boxes

Improving reuse and recycling with clear segregation strategies

In its annual survey of UK households’ recycling attitudes and behaviour, WRAP’s Recycling Tracker  2020 indicates levels of recycling are higher and more consistent than last year, but there is still room for improvement. For instance, on average UK households still dispose of 1.5 items that could be recycled into their rubbish collection. 82% mistakenly … Continued

Reduce Your Waste With Repair Week

This week has seen the premiere of Londons first-ever ‘Repair Week‘, a newly introduced initiative to tackle rising waste levels via the means of repair. London Repair week features a range of events, tutorials, hacks, tips and tricks, as well as a showcasing Londons ‘Repair Heroes’. Councils, businesses and brands ran repair workshop, gave advice … Continued