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Polythene Packed Products are helping to make a difference to the planet - Cromwell explains - 01977 686868

How Poly-packed Packaging is making a difference

Resourcefulness is key to what we do, and we try and embody this throughout our entire business, this includes the products we supply and manufacture. We take great pride in our products, all developed to support our goal of being a circular business. Our polythene waste sacks are manufactured from fully recycled content, most are also Plastic … Continued

Cromwell's compostable glove sand liner help the food industry - 01977 686868

How Our Compostable Range Work Hand in Hand

As sustainability becomes an increasingly critical factor, many producers and businesses are looking into alternative materials best suited for their application. Compostable Liners When it comes to organic waste such as food or garden waste, it is recommended that compostable products should be your go-to waste capture solution. Compostable liners capture waste whilst minimising contamination. … Continued

Is it time to rethink the Plastic Packaging Tax? Cromwell discuss

The Plastic Packaging Tax’s 2nd price rise – but is it time for a rethink?

The Plastic Packaging Tax was first introduced on April 1st 2022 and was applicable for manufacturers and importers of 10 or more tonnes of plastic packaging. For those who fall under this bracket, you will need to pay Plastic Packaging Tax if you have manufactured or imported plastic packaging components which contain less than 30% … Continued

Cromwell can supply bags to suit all bins, budgets and brands! Talk to use today to discuss your bag requirements - 01977 686868

Are You Using The Best Bag For Your Budget?

The new financial year is a great time for new plans or projects to be implemented. Often for waste management teams, this period may include introducing new recycling schemes, supplying a new style of bin, amending waste collection methods and even supplying their residents or customers with bags to help improve waste and recycling rates. … Continued


FPA Introduces Regulatory and Compliance Committee

For those who are regular readers of the FPA Friday Digest, you may have read about the plans for the new FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee, which were announced on Friday 19th April 2024. This will probably come as no surprise to the FPA’s audience, as it regularly highlights the issues with compliance in their … Continued

Cromwell shares how waste sacks can help to improve recycling rates within your local authority - 01977 686868

How Waste Sacks Help Recycling Rates

Across the UK, more than 380 local authorities work diligently to assist approximately 67 million residents in recycling their waste. However, contamination persists as a significant obstacle to achieving higher success rates. How might this challenge be effectively addressed? Issues with waste collections Although waste collections have generally improved in recent years, issues persist with … Continued

Cromwell ask local authorities - when are you tendering? See how we can help to supply you with refuse sacks and liners for your waste

When do you tender?

A new financial year has arrived for many, and with this, renewed budgets and tender opportunities often arise. Throughout many businesses and local authorities, April / May is the time when they begin to implement their new plans for the year ahead, whether it is departmental changes or new initiatives which affect the business as … Continued

Cromwell's Clean Up for the GB Spring Clean 2024 - 4 local litter picks - 019877 686868

Another Successful GB Spring Clean at Cromwell

Keep Britain Tidy is an organisation we at Cromwell fully support, they instill the same passion for a clean environment as we do, and one of the ways they promote this is via their annual GB Spring Clean. Dubbed ‘Britain’s Largest Litter Pick’, the GB Spring Clean is an annual event in our calendars each … Continued

Cromwell's Successful Cleaning Show Showcase 2024

Thanks For Joining Us At The 2024 Cleaning Show

For our team, the Cleaning Show is a must-attend event within our industry every year, with the 2024 exhibition being held in the heart of Manchester. We have been proud exhibitors since the event’s debut at Manchester Central many years ago, and also attend their well-established London event. This year, our sales and marketing team … Continued

Cromwell's eco-solution to help reduce carbon emissions is a new alternative to cardboard packaging - meet Poly-Packed Packaging

Poly-packed products improve packaging

Our Mission is to be the most resourceful company in plastics, supplying the most suitable products in the most resource-efficient way possible. Over the years we have worked hard to ensure all of our products are manufactured with resource efficiency in mind, with the highest recycled content possible, all to reach our vision of a … Continued