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Cromwell’s Dictionary of Waste Management and Recycling

The world of waste management and recycling is full of terminology and initiatives, some of which are more well known than others. As the industry develops and new schemes are introduced, as is new vocabulary explaining the meaning behind these. Cromwell have devised a short dictionary, to explain some of the jargon that you may have … Continued

Companies across the UK are experiencing supply chain issues - Cromwell

Global Freight Delays are Causing Supply Issues

Companies across the UK are experiencing supply chain issues. These issues have grown over time as numerous factors have compounded to seriously disrupt the supply of everything from computer chips into the automotive industry, to food and drink into hospitality.  In the UK, established brands such as Nandos, BP, McDonalds, and Iceland have all reported … Continued

What is a Circular Economy - Cromwell Explains and Supports

What is a Circular Economy – Cromwell Explains and Supports

The government and many organisations, charities, and activists are actively finding ways to live cleaner, greener, and more resourceful lives, this involves supporting and working towards a more circular economy. Many of us will have heard this term before, but knowing exactly what this means and how we can achieve this will help us on … Continued

RWM Resource Waste Management - September 2021

Put our Refuse Sacks and Waste Liners to the test at RWM

For over a decade, Cromwell has attended the RWM Exhibition, the UK’s largest Recycling, Resource & Waste Management Event. After 2 years, we are set to return to the show within the Recycler and Reprocessor zone on stand 5-U104. Since we last exhibited at the show in 2019, we have had some big company changes, mainly … Continued

Supporting the Circular Economy with Resourceful Products

Small sustainability steps that make a huge difference

People are now becoming more aware and conscious of the environmental impacts our daily actions have on the planet. More and more of us are taking an interest in wanting to live more sustainably, but there is a misconception that this is a timely task that requires drastic lifestyle changes. The reality is that living … Continued