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What Plastic Problem?

Like it or not plastics are a vital part of modern day life – more recently the current global Covid-19 pandemic has subtly highlighted to all of us the vital role plastics play in protecting public health. Plastic is saving lives by offering a sterile, easily sanitised, cost effective material with which to manufacture lifesaving … Continued

Cromwell Plastics Recycling donates half a tonne of plastic film to community fundraiser for NHS gowns

Cromwell Polythene’s manufacturing and recycling division, Cromwell Plastics Recycling, has donated 500 kilos of blue polythene film to a fundraising partnership of volunteers and marine businesses making personal protective equipment for the NHS. The film, manufactured at the Alfreton based manufacturing and recycling plant, Cromwell Plastics Recycling Ltd, will be made into approximately 5,000 disposable plastic … Continued

The Coronavirus Recovery Plan Must Address Climate Change

COVID-19 has resulted in countless changes to our daily lives, but as lockdown restrictions gradually ease, can we seize the opportunity for stronger action to protect our planet and build a greener future? The pandemic has cut climate change emissions – for now. Readings from air quality monitoring stations show that air pollution and C02 … Continued

Various fresh vegetables - food waste

Food for Thought – 8 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a growing household problem, with 13 billion tonnes of food waste being thrown away from UK homes each year. WRAP carried out a study that showed household food waste in the UK increased 4.4 per cent between 2012 and 2015, despite a target to cut household waste by 5 per cent by 2015. … Continued

Fighting the Covid-19 Battle with our Clinical Waste Range

Cromwell Polythene is proud to support these frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis. We are providing these vital industries with resource-efficient products essential to their work, including refuse sacks and bin liners, clinical and special waste sacks, water-soluble strip laundry bags, and recycling sacks. We are currently experiencing high levels of enquiries and orders for … Continued

Antibacteria - Addmaster additive

Covid-19 Double Bagging Advice

There has been a lot of concerns risen about how to treat your waste during the Covid-19 crisis, as such Defra has issued advice to the waste sectors, councils and members of the public on the correct method of waste disposal. Defra has advised that any household waste should be placed in a waste bag … Continued

Help The Planet With These Easy Steps

Today (22nd April) is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the wonders of the planet which we inhabit. The world is a beautiful place, one which we greatly admire – its beauty is something we are keen to observe and maintain. It is often seen as ‘easy’ to damage the planet, but we think it … Continued

Plastic packaging’s protective role during this pandemic

During these difficult times, we are being encouraged to spread positivity, and we’d like to talk about the important job that plastic packaging is doing to help key workers in the fight against coronavirus. It is used for medical equipment and to safely protect specialist items, which is incredibly important for infection control at the … Continued

Green Recycle Bin

Recycling is good! But how can it become bad?

Recycling is a process we should and for the most part are doing in our every day lives. It will allow us to continue the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. We are all being encourage to recycle more, whether it is by our councils who provide our waste receptacles, the … Continued

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

Top tips on how to reduce waste

In today’s modern-age, we are all being encouraged to take measures to reduce household waste in our everyday lives. We are regularly being encouraged to recycle and re-use items to help reduce rubbish, however in many cases this is easier said than done. Sadly either due to a lack of recycling resources, knowledge or just … Continued