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Plastic Packaging to capture and contain animal bedding - Packaging solutions from Cromwell

Plastic Best Packaging Solution for Animal Bedding

Pet care is one of the most important aspects to animal lovers and farmers, ensuring their animals are well looked after is very important to them, this is the same for both domestic and agricultural animals. Whether a household pet or farm animal, we all wish the best for these animals and one aspect of … Continued

Clean Beaches Week - Leaving nothing but footprints on our beaches

Clean Beaches Week 2022

The first week in July sees the return of the annual Clean Beaches Week, 7 days of celebrating our sandy shores. Initially an American tradition, the awareness day has spread across the globe, with thousands more people now helping to highlight the importance of clean beaches. Now in its 19th year, Clean Beaches Week was … Continued

Anti-litter posters on display - free to download from Cromwell Polythene

Free Downloadable Anti Litter Pack

Across the globe, there is one environmental issue that all countries share, and this is littering. You can find litter waste scattered across our beaches, countrysides, paths, roads, and parks. In the UK studies have found that 80% of litter is done purposefully, with the guilty party showing no intention of responsibly disposing of this … Continued

The scents of summer - Waste and recycling in holiday parks - Cromwell Polythene

Holiday Parks – are you ready for an influx of waste?

With the Summer months within touching distance, holiday season is fast approaching and soon UK beaches and holiday parks will see a flood of people throughout the peak season. The peak season for many holiday and caravan parks begins in mid-July until early September, to accommodate for the Summer School Holidays. During this time, these … Continued

Avoid pests in your waste with the help of Cromwell Polythene - 01977 686868

Smells and Pest Infestation with Litter

Both public and residential waste go through many different spikes and amends as the seasons change throughout the year – the odour of the waste is particularly affected during the summer months. There is a notable influx of waste during the summer months, with a WWF report stating a litter rise of up to 40%. … Continued

Litter picking bags from Cromwell supporting a cleaner planet

Litter Hotspots – Why & Where?

The summer months are fast approaching, which means more people will be out enjoying the warmer weather. However, the flip side also means there will be an influx of abandoned litter too. In a study carried out by the WWF, litter sees a 40% increase in the summer months, this is across the entirety of … Continued

Reduce Litter By Using Cromwell Refuse Sacks and Bin Liners

Can We Crack Down On Waste Crime?

As the days get lighter and the weather improves, there is more ample opportunity for people to commit waste crimes. What is waste crime? Waste crime is the illegal disposal or management of waste, this includes littering, fly-tipping, and abandonment of waste. Purposefully discarding waste in public areas, or not correctly disposing of them in waste … Continued

What the CHSA Accreditation means to Cromwell - 01977 686868

The Importance of the CHSA Accreditation

No one wants a split waste bag during the summer months as rising temperatures cause unwanted smells to protrude from bags at a faster rate. CHSA rated Bags can prevent this issue. For almost 4 decades, Cromwell has supplied high-quality products and solutions for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables, in these 40 … Continued

Keep your fridge tempreture low to keep food fresh!

Keeping Food Fresher for Longer

Rotting food waste can often be a key contributing factor to a smelly bin in summer, which is why we are exploring the subject of food waste, the often forgotten form of waste we don’t always put a lot of thought into. A WRAP study saw in 2019 the UK produced around 9.5 million tonnes of … Continued

Tackle issues with summer smells with waste - Cromwells advice

Summer Scents & Managing Residential Waste

The spring/summer season is upon us, with nights getting lighter and the weather getting warmer. Whatever season we enter, waste is guaranteed and must be handled appropriately, however, the change in seasons should prompt us to take additional waste management steps. Scents of Summer The warmer weather is excellent for crops and agriculture but can … Continued