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Polythene innovations for 2023

Throughout our 40 years in business, we have always tried to take the lead on polythene innovations and adapt our products alongside developments within the sectors. Keeping up with government reforms such as the Plastic Packaging Tax and customer demand for innovative products is always high on our agenda. below describes some of Cromwell’s Polythene innovations for 2023.

The rUK Sack – UK Made from Recycled Content

Launched in early 2023, The rUK Sack® is exclusive to Cromwell, made within our UK CPR Manufacturing facility in Derbyshire. Cromwell wanted to create a new product, unlike others in our range, this stand-alone waste sack embodies a wide range of circularity aspects, which are seen throughout the range – but now encaptured into one product – The rUK Sack®.

The rUK Sack® is designed to keep valuable resources in circulation, stimulating domestic recycling and manufacturing. The bags themselves are manufactured from 97%-100% recycled content, all of which has been recovered and recycled within the UK. The rUK Sack® is also CHSA accredited, providing end users with both quality and performance assurance. ‘What’s on the box, is in the box.’

Also Now CHSA Accredited

Like our core range of refuse sacks and compactor sacks, our bin liner range is also now CHSA Accredited. The CHSA performance-backed guarantee, is now attributed to our pedal, square, and swing bin liner range. These bin liners range from 15L to 60L in size and are ideal for smaller household/office bins, now with their new CHSA accreditation, they also have an identifiable durability measurement attributed to them.

These bin liners can be described as CHSA-rated light, medium and heavy-duty, depending on the weight they withhold. This rating can then be clearly stated in the description of the product, as well as the carton to help customers choose the option best suited to their waste.

Waste Tracking (coming soon)

The future of waste is the ability to track its journey from capture to end-of-life treatment. PolyPath enables organisations to trace captured waste or packaged goods, using a unique QR and sequential code.

PolyPath is designed to enhance our customers’ existing operations. Providing the means to follow the path taken by
materials in greater detail.

Currently being introduced in our Clinical Waste range, the PolyPath feature will be available to customers very soon.

Talk Innovation:

Chat to us about any of our new polythene innovations or any potential made-to-orders you may have for us!