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Keeping it clean at Christmas

The festive season is edging closer and closer and many industries, plans and preparations are underway for the upcoming celebrations. While a few businesses may close or reduce their opening hours over Christmas, for others it is business as usual. The healthcare industry works tirelessly all year round to care for and support thousands of people in need, and Christmas time is no exception.

A Clean Christmas

Yellow Clinical Waste Bag for Incineration COVID waste - Cromwell
Yellow Clinical Waste Bag for Incineration COVID waste – Cromwell

When we think of the healthcare sector, we typically think of hospitals, clinics, and care homes making hygiene and cleanliness of the utmost importance. Viruses and illnesses are easily spread within these areas, and colds and flu always seem to be more potent in the cold, winter months. Many people in these healthcare environments are also vulnerable so extra care is required to keep the environments hygienic.

Cromwell supports good cleaning and hygiene practices in healthcare by supplying hospitals, clinics, and care homes with aprons. Their light wear allows for comfort, yet their high strength ensures the highest level of protection. Cromwell’s range of aprons are available in white or blue and in rolls or in folds.

Capturing Your Clinical Waste

As well as staff keeping themselves clean, the environment in which they work also needs to be highly hygienic. One thing that needs greater care in these types of workplaces, is managing the waste produced. The different forms of clinical waste have varying end-of-life treatments and therefore require different capture processes, each of which is collected in different coloured bags.

Cromwell’s UN Certified clinical waste sacks are explicitly manufactured to collect medical waste, and we supply 3 different coloured clinical waste sacks to correspond with the appropriate waste it is capturing. If you need help selecting which bag is best for your medical waste, you can follow our easy guide or talk to our team, who will help find you the best solution based on your requirements.

Order Now

For our customers within the healthcare sector, we always recommend checking your supplies and stocking up well in advance of Christmas to avoid any shortages of stock from Christmas delays. Whilst their sectors continue to work throughout the Christmas break many others may not be open or have reduced opening hours. This is why having a well-stocked supply of all the items you need to keep your work environments clean is a must!

Call us today to re-stock your aprons and clinical waste sacks. Ordering before December 16th will guarantee delivery before Christmas.