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Adam Takes On The Arc of Attrition Challenge

The Cromwell team is filled with a lot of sporting talent – with an abundance of runners, footballers, joggers, hikers, boxers, cyclists, and more. Over the past year many of our team have taken on athletic challenges, whether it is Lorraine’s 3-peak challenge, Josh’s Charity Boxing Match or Adam’s Spartathlon Journey, the Cromwell family are always pushing themselves to hit a new goal, both in and out of work. Adam has challenged himself once again, this time heading to the Cornish coast to tackle The Arc of Attrition run.

Held on January 26th, the 100-mile foot race hosts completely different weather conditions when compared to his last Greek adventure back in 2022, going from hot sunny weather to the unpredictable UK winter climate. Racing in cold conditions, battling heavy winds and relentless rain, makes this 161 km race not for the faint-hearted. The length of the race is far from the only challenge, with a variety of heights, hills and trail paths – the route is unpredictable and difficult for all participants. The race begins in the small fishing village of Coverack in Cornwall, racing along the coastline past famous landmarks such as ‘The Lizard’ and ‘Lands End’ where they head north up the shore, finishing in Porthtowan, a popular summer tourist spot, 100 miles from the starting line.

Just when you think the race wasn’t difficult enough, alongside the distance and environmental constraints, there is also a 36 hour limit of completion time. The checkpoints are approximately 20 miles apart, meaning competitors will need the ability to be self-sufficient for long periods of time, the organisers have stressed the event is only suitable for experienced ultra-runners. Adam being a seasoned ultra Marathon competitor, was eager to take on the challenge! Adam has taken on many racing challenges in the past, whether it is local, national or even international – the Business Development Manager is always keen to dig his heels into a new challenge! Last Summer, Adam tackled his first 100-mile run in Gloucester, previous to that he also did the Manchester Marathon in less than 3 hours, so we have no doubt he will do great in this race also. Good luck Adam, we wish you the best of luck!

Adam valiantly completed the race in 32 hours, tackling heights of 15,000 feet over 100 miles, which equates to 160km. Only stopping at short intervals for food, and drink breaks, Adam battled through the mud, and differing terrains, and through the Cornish Coast. Whilst many of the racers, didn’t manage to complete the challenge, Adam was one of the champions who took home a medal… along with swollen feet and a lot of bruises. A huge well done Adam, and the other races, it is a fantastic achievement with the addition that he is the youngest finisher to complete the challenge!