Ready For The Year Ahead – Stock Up, PPT & Lessons Learned

We have bid farewell to 2021, yet another unpredictable and often challenging year. Supply and demand issues, container shortages, price increases, coupled with ongoing Coronavirus struggles, all made their mark during last year. Whilst we look forward to 2022, we may have to still tackle a few of these hurdles, but this year, we can plan wisely from lessons learned.

2022 is also a year where new government legislation is being implemented and further initiatives planned. Whilst we have great hopes for a more ‘normal’ and streamlined year, we have a few helpful tips, that may help us achieve this.

COVID Cautious –

The past 2 years have been an eye-opening time for hygiene – the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of good hygiene, cleaning, and waste management practices. The epidemic proved to be instrumental in helping us choose the best options for you in terms of clinical applications, whether this is which clinical waste bag is best for your waste type, or which PPE product is best suited for you.

The industry must continue to champion best practices, and businesses must continue to be equipped with the right products and personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect people. Whilst COVID-19 might have heightened the importance of good hygiene and waste management techniques, these measures constantly play a vital role within society.

Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) –

Several new measures are coming into place soon which businesses should prepare for, the first being the Plastic Packaging Tax, from April this year. Cleaning organisations should engage with their suppliers to ensure that their products are compliant. If 30% recycled content and above is not possible, they need to prepare for the additional £200/tonne premium applied to their plastic products. More than 95% of Cromwell’s product range already meets and complies with this new legislation.

The plastic packaging tax is set to make big, but environmentally beneficial changes to the plastic industry. By manufacturing, producing, selling and using recycled packaging products, we are helping to reduce the levels of virgin materials being sent to landfill.

Towards the end of 2022, businesses and local authorities should be at an advanced stage of planning for reforms being introduced in 2023. These include extended producer responsibility (EPR) for the environmental management of goods, once they are no longer in use by the consumer, and consistency of collections of recyclable materials.

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Stocking up –

With a new year, come new plans and preparations. As we enter 2022, businesses and local authorities alike are starting to discuss strategies for the next 12 months. One thing we think it always worth considering is your stock range. For current customers, do you have a good level of stock – 2021 saw many issues with delays and stock shortages across all industries in the UK – including waste management. It has highlighted to us, and our customers that having good control of stock is very important to be able to fulfill your business functions. Always make sure you re-order in good time, so you are not leaving yourself too short.

For new customers and existing, maybe we can supply an item you do not currently take from us – as more and more local authorities introduce new waste collections streams, and waste in general is increasing – make sure you have the right bag to fit your application. If you are unsure as to which bag you need, our expert team can suggest and supply a sample for you.

Making the new year a success comes from good and careful planning, talk to our team about hygiene, PPT or stock levels today – we can help make planning for the new year a streamline process.