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How Poly-packed Packaging is making a difference

Resourcefulness is key to what we do, and we try and embody this throughout our entire business, this includes the products we supply and manufacture. We take great pride in our products, all developed to support our goal of being a circular business. Our polythene waste sacks are manufactured from fully recycled content, most are also Plastic Packaging Tax exempt, meaning they have been made with a minimum of 30% recycled content. As well as being made from recycled content, our range is also fully recyclable also, helping to close the loop on plastic recycling. 

But why stop there?

Historically we have used conventional cardboard cartons to contain and distribute our bags, sacks and liners. Cardboard provides a secure and sturdy storage environment for goods, their strong structure keeps the bags safe inside, and the shape of the carton helps them to be stacked neatly onto pallets. The negative to using cardboard carton is the heavy weight of the material, limiting the resource efficiency of the packaging. We decided to trial a swap from cardboard to polythene, and chose one of our most popular products to test – our BK090C1 (90L CHSA heavy duty refuse sacks).

How is it making a difference?

The newly developed ‘poly-packed‘ products are housed in packaging that weighs less than cardboard cartons. These new Poly-packed products are also more compact, allowing for more products to be stacked on a pallet and transported. Now with the new packaging, 130 poly-packs can be put onto a pallet, as opposed to the 90 cardboard cartons which currently fit on pallets. The total weight of the pallet overall is also dramatically reduced with poly-pack – weighing just over 10kg per pallet, whereas the card solution is over 27kg – in total, this reduces the CO2e related to Material Use and Freighting Goods by 74%.

On top of all of this, the polythene packaging is still easily recyclable and water resistant, protecting products against unpredictable weather. The packaging is manufactured using recycled polythene, further maximising resources.

Try yours?

If you already take our 90L 15kg Black CHSA Refuse Sack – BK090C1, why not trial the new packaging? This black waste sack is the first product to be poly-packed and was been shortlisted for The FPA’s Product Innovation Award earlier this year. If you would like to improve your packaging’s resource efficiency, why not introduce our new Poly-packed BK090C1P into your stock holding?