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Football Fridays Match Report: June 2024

Following the nail biting success of the first successful company football match in May, the stakes were high – and the expectations ever higher – for the second. Having laid down the gauntlet in the inaugural game of the season the Amalgamated Offices had a title to defend, and the Warehouse Warriors were out for revenge. There was no doubt as to the commitment of these athletes with some even having gone for a jog in the intervening weeks and one player dashing straight from the airport to ensure his attendance. The stage was set for a showdown under yet another beautiful Yorkshire Summer sky, and the growing crowd were not disappointed as liquid football played out before them.🌞😊

True to form, the warehouse lads upheld the highest standards of fair play and sportsmanship in loaning a couple players to balance the numbers. The talented teams were therefore as follows:

Dean Roper (C)                                                                                                         Kevin Marshall (C)

Carl Handley                                                                                                             Luke Ford

Edward Dry                                                                                                               Jamie Thomas

Alex Lewis                                                                                                                Thomas Kendall

Josh Robinson                                                                                                         Kyle Dutson

Henry Lee                                                                                                                 Josh Hopps

                      Julian Bajaziti – (Played 1st half for Kev’s team, 2nd half for Dean’s team)

The game was goalless in the first 5 minutes in what can only be described as a skilful arm wrestle, not without some brilliant passes and punctuated by firm but fair tackles. Kev’s team broke the deadlock when the ball was bouncing around in Ropers box, and The Warehouse Boys’ Dutson pounced on the chance to go 1-0 up. Not to be deterred, the Amalgamated Offices, under the steady leadership of Roper offered a robust reply as Ned placed one in Julians bottom corner to equalize.

Half time was fast approaching, and the game was very end to end as players were starting to fatigue. Carl bagged 2 of his 3 goals for the Office in the first half, and fans were delighted to see a much anticipated Alex Lewis scoring on his debut. Julian played a crucial role in the sticks where it seemed players weren’t getting any luck at beating the keeper. Even though it seemed impossible, Roper’s men bagged 5 in the first half but still trailed by 1 goal at the break.

After plenty of water and fruit juices (thank you Henry) the teams were back on the pitch and raring to go. Due to Ford’s unsteady stomach team Kev lost one of his players to the washrooms. Roper’s men were quick to capitalise on the advantage with 3 quick consecutive goals. Despite the mounting pressure – not just in Fordy’s grundies – Kev’s lads managed to hold their own. Henry found himself on the deck after a strong (but legal) tackle from Kevin. The game took a turn for the worst for Ropers side as Ford re-entered the field and brick-wall Julian changed sides. In the dying minutes of the game, Kev’s team found themselves a goal down, but one last shot on target saw them equalize the game to 9 a piece after an aesthetically pleasing team goal. In a turn of events that you simple couldn’t make up we saw the game resort to another penalty shootout finish. To make it fair, prime Peter Schmeichel (Julian) demonstrated the utmost impartiality and defended the net for all the penalties. Each player (6 each team) took a penalty and the result ended 4-2 to Kev’s team. The game was played in great spirit where once again Cromwell and the beautiful game were the real winners. Now we have an equal result, who will win the next game? Join us on the 26th of July to find out!


Player of the match – Julian Bajaziti

Most improved player – Jamie (didn’t get cramped)

Substitution of the game – Luke Ford’s pants

Tackle of the game – Kevin Marshall

Goal of the game – Edward Dry (long range)