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Football Friday’s for Cromwell

Cromwell’s local football pitch formed the stage for our first ever after-hours, company football match, where 11 members of our team took to the AstroTurf in a soon-to-be regular sporting battle. We had a dozen members of our Sherburn staff who met after work on a Friday to take part in a game of football. After much deliberation, the 2 teams were split into the warehouse team vs. the combined office team, with a few spectators from Cromwell joining the fun. In what can only be described as a roller coaster of a match, the teams played out a thrilling 9-9 draw before the Office team clinched victory in a nail-biting penalty shootout, 5-3. It was certainly an action packed match, with your typical footballing clichés including tumbles, disallowed goals and some beautiful goal keeping action. Here is our full match report:


It was a classic game of two halves starting at a frenetic pace, with both teams showing their attacking intent from the off, it was clear from the start it was going to be a close match. Luke from the warehouse team was the first to get one in the back of the net, allowing for an early lead for team warehouse – but this was short lived as the office staff swiftly responded with an equalizer. The fighting spirit on both sides was great to see, and the teams were dazzling us with their quick reactions and skillful dribbling. Further goals were scored by both teams, leaving the match a level playing field during the early stages. But after a small injury from a warehouse team-mate there was a quick shift around in positions, and Jamie from the Warehouse team switched from mid-field to goalkeeping duties, where his reaction skills were duly tested as the competitive match continued.

Second Half Action

By halftime, the Warehouse Team held a slender 6-5 lead, and it was time to switch sides of the pitch – the sales team also mixed up their goal keepers too, as Alex Lee – Commercial Director stepped into net as the second half began. The score remained close throughout the entire second half, with a quick goal from the Office side, allowing for the scores to become tied once again. This short-lived lead, set the scene for the rest of the match, as each goal scored by one team was evenly matched by the other – with some superb goal keeping by both Alex and Jamie along the way. Despite being our oldest player on the pitch, this didn’t hinder health and safety manager Kev, who’s impressive footwork proved to be critical to the Warehouse team’s success. His strategic approach and footballing intelligence was evident as he orchestrated plays from the middle of the park, allowing for great mind-trickery and more goals for the team warehouse.

The standout rivalry of the match was the titanic tussle between Kyle from the warehouse and Daniel from IT. Their personal duel added extra spice to an already fiery contest, with crunching tackles and moments of brilliance keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. With only minutes left of the game it looked to be a win for the warehouse, with a 9-8 lead, but sadly their destined glory was short-lived with a last-minute hit from the Office staff, levelling the scores to 9-all and taking the game to the dreaded penalty shootout. With Jamie still in net for Warehouse, and Bussiness Development manager Adam stepping up for the Office team the 2 sides each took turns to take their shots.

The Final Whistle

After a nail-biting few minutes, it was the office who took home the gold with a 5-3 victory! With such a close battle throughout the game, it’s clear we have some very skilled players in our midst – and calls for a rematch are being eagerly muttered. Despite a controversial disallowed goal, players observed the time-honored tradition of handshakes and lighthearted laughter as they looked back at the highlights of ‘The Beautiful Game’.

Watching from the sidelines were Cromwell staff, Rosie and the token mascot, Labrador Ozzy, who lived up to his retriever name to collect any stray footballs, also watching was warehouse manager, turned paparazzi, Craig. Craig took some amazing action shots of the brilliant match. The stage is now set for a rematch on Friday 28th June, where the Warehouse Team will be out for revenge, and the Combined Offices will look to prove that their victory was no fluke.

We eagerly look forward to the next in what we hope to be a monthly, out-of-work get-together – with more staff looking to join the future matches, it has the potential to be another nail-biting competition.

Honourable football mentions:

Player of the Match: Dean Roper (Purchasing Manager)

Cramp of the Match: Jamie Thomas (Warehouse Operative)

Gob of the Match: Kyle Dutson (Goods In Coordinator)

Missed the Most Sitters: Adam Marachant (Business Development Manager)

Goalkeeper of the Match: Alex Lee (Commercial Director)

Rising star: Ned Dry, we shall watch this young man with interest! (Account Manager)

Cutie of the Match: Ozzy Woofingtons (Mascott)

Real Winners: Cromwell