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How Waste Sacks Help Recycling Rates

Across the UK, more than 380 local authorities work diligently to assist approximately 67 million residents in recycling their waste. However, contamination persists as a significant obstacle to achieving higher success rates. How might this challenge be effectively addressed?

Issues with waste collections

Although waste collections have generally improved in recent years, issues persist with contaminants in residential waste. Recycling contamination can stem from genuine mistakes or intentional negligence, causing significant problems at recycling plants. Even a few improperly discarded items can compromise an entire batch, requiring additional sorting time or rendering the entire bin unrecyclable. This not only squanders resource-efficient opportunities but also frequently results in the waste being designated as ‘general waste’ and sent to landfill.

How waste sacks can help!

Waste sacks serve as a valuable tool for guiding residents on what types of waste can be collected in their bins. Often colour-coded and accompanied by clear instructions, these sacks aid in clarifying waste disposal practices. The popularity of printed refuse sacks, compactor sacks, and kerbside bags has surged, especially in areas with newly introduced collections or high contamination rates. By promoting proper waste management practices, these solutions contribute to enhanced recycling rates.

Compostable liners for food waste

The most appropriate liners for food waste are compostable liners. Compostable liners, unlike polythene or paper bags, break down in composting facilities alongside the food, typically within 6-10 weeks for industrial composting. Also with food waste often being a messier, smellier form of waste, residents prefer to capture them in a waste liner, to help prevent mess. Local Authorities that have introduced new food waste collections within their region have found a much greater level of success and participation rates when compostable liners are provided alongside the caddies.

Benefits of bags

Whether it is to inform, prevent contamination and mess, help increase participation rates or assist with the break down of the contents, waste sacks play a very beneficial role in waste management strategies. Perhaps it is time to add a waste liner with your waste collection methods? Talk to Cromwell today to get a sample, organise a trial or discuss your bespoke printing needs – our friendly team are happy to help!