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How Our Compostable Range Work Hand in Hand

As sustainability becomes an increasingly critical factor, many producers and businesses are looking into alternative materials best suited for their application.

Compostable Liners

When it comes to organic waste such as food or garden waste, it is recommended that compostable products should be your go-to waste capture solution. Compostable liners capture waste whilst minimising contamination. Cromwell is proud to supply a range of EN13432 compostable liners and food/kitchen caddy sacks to fit all standard sizes that support food and organic waste management strategies. Our bags are manufactured from Ecopond® compatible material and are fully compliant with European composting standards. These bags are popular for use by councils, who offer food waste collections kerbside, and also in food service environments like kitchens and catering facilities. Our range begins at a stand 7L caddy-sized liner, to a 240L compostable liner, with a variety of different sizes in between to accommodate for a range of bin types.

Compostable Gloves

Our compostable liners aren’t our only product made from compostable material, in 2024 we introduced our compostable glove range ‘Glovelee’. Under the brand name ‘Glovelee’ our new compostable gloves also adhere strictly to EN13432 standards without compromising on practicality. Glovelee is ideal for use in food preparation, handling and recycling sectors, including kitchens and food processing plants. Using compostable gloves in these environments serves as a resource-efficient alternative, diminishing the reliance on materials with limited recycling outlets. The outer packaging is also fully compostable, reshaping standards and championing resource efficiency within the food service and catering sector. Our gloves come in 4 different sizes, packed in their accompanying compostable poly-packs for easy dispensing.

How they can be used together

These two products can be used in unison in many food-based roles, the gloves are ideal for food preparation and handling and the liners help to capture and contain food waste.

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