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Cromwell’s 93km Challenge

We host internal events and challenges each month, bringing both sites together to raise money for charity, help clean up the environment or instil a bit of healthy competition. We started the new year with a sporting challenge all staff can get involved in, ‘Cromwell’s 93km Challenge’.

As the name suggests, the month-long challenge saw staff trying to reach the goal of 93km by the end of January. This could be achieved by walking, jogging, running or cycling. 93km is the total distance between both of our sites, and is equivalent to exactly 3km per day, a nice meaningful and achievable figure for the staff to strive for. Some of us decided to switch up our commutes and walk to work, whilst others increased the lengths and frequency of their dog walks, and some even re-visited old hobbies such as jogging and hiking.

The colder weather didn’t deter our team and 23 members of staff took on the challenge from across both of our sites, with 16 of them completing it in full. We had staff jogging on their lunch breaks, hiking on their weekends and leaving the car at home and heading out on foot, all to reach the goal! The results were tracked on the Strava app, where staff also got to see other people’s progress. Overall in January our staff tracked a total of 2,750 km,did 403 hours and 7 minutes’ worth of activities, with elevation gains of 24,790m – this is the distance from our Cromwell head office to Bulgaria!

The challenge was a great way to bring our staff together and stay active.