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Introducing glovelee – Cromwell’s Compostable Gloves

Innovation is an important aspect of what we do here at Cromwell, and after our 40 years in business, we like to stay at the forefront of our industry. We accomplish this by continuously extending, enhancing and expanding our range to ensure customers are fully equipped to meet their growing requirements. Going one step further, we not only ensure our products meet all required industry and quality standards but also help support a circular economy. In 2023, we introduced our UK-manufactured bin liner ‘ The rUK Sack®’, a bag created with quality and recyclability in mind, and fully supporting our efforts towards a circular economy due to being made from material recovered in the UK, recycled in the UK and remade in the UK. This latest innovation was a huge hit with our customers, and now for 2024, we have another new product which is ready to take the industry by storm… our new Compostable Glove range, ‘glovelee’.

Compostable Gloves:

The latest addition to Cromwell’s product family is our Compostable Gloves, under the new brand ‘glovelee’ – a play on the name of the directors and founders of Cromwell. Developed following the great success of our compostable liner range, which is popular in food service and local authority sectors, we wanted to extend this range with the growing requirement to improve the handling of food waste. After exploring the marketing, and focusing on the needs of our customers, we decided to introduce a new range of gloves, which are made from compostable material and compliant with food-safe standards – ‘glovelee’ inhabits just that.

Compostable Gloves ideal for the food services industry - Cromwell Polythene - 01977 686868

Both the gloves and the packaging are made from EN13432 certificated compostable material, which breaks down and becomes metabolised by microorganisms when disposed of in both home and industrial composting. These gloves are ideal for the food service industry, and unlike some compostable products are powder-free, BPA-free and food grade, so are industry safe to use in kitchen and catering environments. After use, they can simply be placed in with the organic waste, and they will break-down in 6-8 weeks during home or industrial composting. The EN13432 certification is a testament to Glovelee’s commitment to compliance, assuring users in the food service industry of its adherence to the highest industry standards. The latex and powder free design reduces the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations, ensuring a safer option for individuals with latex allergies and skin sensitivities. 

The gloves themselves come in a range of 4 different sizes from S to XL, and each compostable pack contains 100 gloves, with there being 40 packs in each carton, allowing for 4,000 pieces per box.


  • Fully compostable gloves
  • 100% compostable packaging
  • Compliant to EN13432 standard.
  • Breaks down into water, CO2, & biomass.
  • Latex free
  • BPA free
  • Powder free
  • Resistance to oils, fats and chemicals.
  • Durable, flexible material.
  • Food grade compliant
  • 100% Vegan.

Free sample:

If you are interested in our new compostable glove range, get your hands on (pun intended) a free sample! Check our Product Information Pack, page 3, to see more information about the gloves, including codes and sizing. If you are in the catering or food services sector, these gloves are ideal – trial compostable gloves now and reduce your organisation’s reliance on materials with limited recycling outlets.