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Compostable gloves give resource efficiency a helping hand

The use of gloves for protection, hygiene and safety reasons is omnipresent in a wide range of industries, and the demand heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic, not just in the medical sector, but throughout a number of different business types. After supplying a wide glove range for a number of years including nitrile, vinyl and synthetic, we noticed a gap in the market for a glove which has been manufactured with resource efficiency in mind. Following from this, we would like to introduce our latest addition to our range, ‘Glovelee’ – compostable gloves.

When, Where & Why

Disposable gloves are essential across various industries, from hair and beauty to mechanics and agriculture, where they play a crucial role in maintaining hygiene and safety standards. One sector that particularly relies on gloves is catering and hospitality. In this industry, hand protection is critical for hygiene during food handling, preparation, service, and disposal. Increasingly, the sector has embraced the use of compostable materials for food waste management. Each year, more local authorities and waste collection organisations offer kerbside organic waste collections, including food waste. For these collections, compostable liners have become the preferred choice for handling disposed waste. Using disposable gloves made from the same material as compostable liners allows them to be disposed of alongside food waste, rather than in general waste like conventional gloves made from other materials.

Benefits of Glovelee

Our compostable gloves fall under our ‘Glovelee’ brand, and ‘FPA Product Innovation 2024 Winner’, an award we won in the product’s debut year. Our gloves are made from compostable material, which is broken down and metabolised by microorganisms when disposed of in both home and industrial composting. Here is a list of product benefits:

  • Compostable packaging
  • Compliant to EN13432 standard.
  • Breaks down into water, CO2, & biomass.
  • Latex free
  • BPA free
  • Powder free
  • Resistance to oils, fats and chemicals.*
  • Durable, flexible material.
  • Food grade compliant
  • Vegan friendly.
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Trial Compostable Today

These gloves have peaked the interests in an abundance of food service businesses, whether it is for food preparation, factories, kitchens, street food vendors, cafes and much more. Ask us for a free sample today, and test our award winning Glovelee Compostable Gloves.