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Are You Using The Best Bag For Your Budget?

The new financial year is a great time for new plans or projects to be implemented. Often for waste management teams, this period may include introducing new recycling schemes, supplying a new style of bin, amending waste collection methods and even supplying their residents or customers with bags to help improve waste and recycling rates.

New Year, New Waste Scheme

The government aims for all local authorities to implement food waste collections by March 2026, prompting many councils to start allocating budgets to accommodate the new collection. Alongside these collections, most authorities provide compostable liners to facilitate waste capture, boosting participation and success rates. Studies confirm that providing residents with these liners enhances success rates and reduces contamination, leading many to allocate funds for them in the new year’s budget.

Top tips to maximise budgets with the best bag

  • Calculate your bin size to identify the most appropriate bag and maximise resources.
  • Select the most appropriate material, typically compostable material for food waste and polythene for domestic and recycling waste.
  • Consider what will go into your refuse sack, heavier material will require a stronger sack.

We have a wide range of waste and recycling sacks, all of which are fit for purpose, and manufactured with quality and resource-efficiency in mind. We work alongside our customers to understand their waste management plans and strategies, listening to their requirements, and what they wish to achieve and offer bespoke solutions which are tailored to their needs, and that of their residents and waste collections.

Here to Help!

We can offer free, no obligation advice on which bag is best for your budget and application, we can also schedule delivery plans to help you keep on top of your stock levels throughout the year. See how we can help you and your organisation- and make 2024 – 2025 a success and within budget.