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Happy birthday to us – 35 years and getting stronger!

I’m proud to say that today marks a landmark anniversary for Cromwell Polythene – it’s our 35th anniversary – happy birthday to us! Since the company formed on 1 October 1983, it was initially a long, slow burn but, after years of hard work and dedication, our independent, family run business is now thriving. We’ll … Continued

Keep beaches clean with Cromwell#s free to download litter picking posters

Cromwell Polythene beach clean indicates a reduction in littering

Benefits of recycling championed during awareness week – as littering is at a high Results from a comparison beach cleaning and littering surveying programme by Cromwell Polythene as part of its 35th anniversary activity and to mark Recycle Week (24 September – 30 September) indicate levels of seaside rubbish have decreased. This follow up to … Continued

Battle of the Bag - Refuse Sacks on a roll available from Cromwell

A weight off your mind about plastics use

With concern mounting about global plastics usage, Cromwell Polythene – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sacks, bags and specialty products for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables, showcases lighter, cost effective, more environmentally-friendly plastics range. The LowCO2t ™ range – including disposable plastics aprons, laundry bags and now several varieties of … Continued

The Flexible Plastic Fund - Recycling the Unrecyclable with Cromwell

Recycled polyethylene – Can plastic be circular?

A flurry of stories have recently hit the headlines about plastics and recycling, from demands for a tax on plastic drinking straws to the naming and shaming some of the worst offenders for unrecyclable packaging. This in turn has promoted renewed calls for manufacturers to produce packaging that can be used again and again, and … Continued

Different size food caddies with differ sized compostable liner capturing their waste - liners available form Cromwell polythene

Food waste collections key to award-winning council’s new strategy

The latest order for 13.5 million compostable caddy liners brings to more than 22 million the number of liners ordered by Rochdale Borough Council from specialist supplier Cromwell Polythene. Manufactured from Ecopond® biodegradable resin, for which Cromwell is sole distributor among local authorities and the waste management sector in the UK, the five-litre liners are … Continued

Plastic's are fantastic and have so many great usages which Cromwell Explains

Why does plastic get such a bad rap?

We all use it. It’s part of everyday life. And, if you looked around you, I’m sure you’d find numerous plastic products in your eye line, immediately and sadly in the environment. But what do we really know about the substance? And why does it only seem to attract negative press? “Plastics ruin the environment … Continued

Handle your food waste with Cromwell's compostable liner range

Cromwell secures major compostables contract

Cromwell Polythene has won a major contract to supply 7.3 million compostable kitchen caddy liners to East Lothian Council in East Scotland, which has introduced a food waste kerbside collection scheme to boost its recycling rate and comply with legislative targets. By collecting food waste separately the council is also able to send it for … Continued

Cromwell Sansafe liners - Cromwell Polythene 01977 686868

Antimicrobial bin liners make their debut

Leeds based Cromwell Polythene is adding to its wide range of waste management products with the launch of Sansafe™ antimicrobial and scented liners, ideal for feminine hygiene and other sanitary waste. Manufactured with a unique blend of bactericides and fungicides, added during the film extrusion process, the bags provide powerful round-the-clock protection against harmful bacteria … Continued