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CHSA 5 Pillars of Sustainability - World Environment Day - Cromwell Polythene

Cromwell Polythene Supports ‘Leeds By Example’

Cromwell Polythene is supporting a new recycling on the go initiative for Leeds city centre – ‘Leeds By Example’, launched 9 October. The company, which supplies a range of polythene products to aid recycling, will provide over 20,000 bags made from recycled material to support the campaign over its six-month duration. The project created by … Continued

Happy birthday to us – 35 years and getting stronger!

I’m proud to say that today marks a landmark anniversary for Cromwell Polythene – it’s our 35th anniversary – happy birthday to us! Since the company formed on 1 October 1983, it was initially a long, slow burn but, after years of hard work and dedication, our independent, family run business is now thriving. We’ll … Continued

Cromwell Polythene beach clean indicates a reduction in littering

Benefits of recycling championed during awareness week – as littering is at a high Results from a comparison beach cleaning and littering surveying programme by Cromwell Polythene as part of its 35th anniversary activity and to mark Recycle Week (24 September – 30 September) indicate levels of seaside rubbish have decreased. This follow up to … Continued

Cromwell Polythene - Head office and warehouse based in Sherburn in Elmet - 01977 686868

Cromwell Polythene, will spring into 2019 in stunning new office space

Cromwell Polythene, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sacks, bags and specialty products for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables, is set to move into a new office workspace during spring 2019, following a period of significant development. The family-run business will be moving into a bespoke facility purchased a new office … Continued

Food waste should be captured in compostable liners which Cromwell can supply

Your food waste prevention strategies catered for

A new report finds a compelling business case for preventing food being wasted in the catering industry, with analysis indicating 64% had recouped their investment in the first year. Of 86 sites across six countries evaluated, food waste was reduced by 36% on average in the space of twelve months. The cost of food being … Continued

Separate waste into recycling bins and general waste to avoid contamination

Improving segregation at source of disposal

People are being encouraged to think about their use of recycled plastics in a way they never have before. Recent news stories have put sustainability firmly on the agenda, with focus on reducing landfill and preventing materials from polluting our oceans. Responsibly produced plastics can be recycled effectively and efficiently, or used to generate energy … Continued

Battle of the Bag - Refuse Sacks on a roll available from Cromwell

A weight off your mind about plastics use

With concern mounting about global plastics usage, Cromwell Polythene – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sacks, bags and specialty products for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables, showcases lighter, cost effective, more environmentally-friendly plastics range. The LowCO2t ™ range – including disposable plastics aprons, laundry bags and now several varieties of … Continued

Bashing the plastics won’t solve environmental issues

It seems to have become the norm to deride plastics and condemn them as bad for the environment. It perhaps started with Blue Planet 2, then there was the UK Government’s 25-Environmental Plan and now the EU plastic strategy meaning the story is gathering pace. Unfortunately, there can be a danger of trying to tackle … Continued

BBC's War on Plastic posed an unfair argument

Don’t get down in the dumps about recycling plastics

Preventing waste makes good business sense. For commercial organisations revenue is generated not just by the money saved from sending waste to landfill and the associated charges involved, but from the waste itself. Using materials more efficiently, and managing waste better enables manufacturers to reduce costs, make money and decrease the environmental impact. Defra’s UK … Continued

Recycle Week beach litter research show a need for improvement

Cromwell Polythene helps champion recycling best practice during awareness week Cromwell Polythene has undertaken a beach cleaning and litter surveying programme to mark Recycle Week (25 September – 1 October) and encourage maximum levels of recycling. Results indicate recycling on the go needs improvement. ‘Recycling – It’s Worth It!’ is the message being shared for … Continued