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Final Countdown to the Plastics Packaging Tax

Cromwell Polythene, experienced manufacturers and suppliers of products for the capture and containment of materials for recycling, has initiated a ‘Countdown to the Plastic Packaging Tax’ campaign. This is to support businesses and their suppliers prepare for this new policy. What is the Plastics Packaging Tax? From the 1st April 2022, this new tax of … Continued

Will the CMA’s guidance on environmental claims create a level playing field?

James Lee, Managing Director – Opening remarks Sustainability is an issue frequently spoken about and there is growing momentum for responsible products, which not only meet our waste and recycling challenges, but also help combat climate change. Unfortunately, this demand can lead to ‘greenwashing’ whereby companies may convey a false impression or misleading information about … Continued

Polythene Recovery Service

Our free, used polythene recovery service is one way that we help our customers to be more resource-efficient. It keeps valuable resources within the circular economy by returning clean polythene packaging to the production cycle. Used polythene is collected from our customers on a back-load basis, for recycling within the UK, at no additional cost … Continued