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Waste Improvements with LitterLotto

Although we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are always expanding this with further education and learning about innovations within the industry. In today’s modern age, we now have a wide range of mobile apps to help us better our waste management skills, including LitterLotto, a popular application within our team.

What is LitterLotto?

LitterLotto is a mobile app which gives users the chance to win prizes by picking up litter and disposing of it in a bin. The process is a simple one, collect wrongfully discarded littered waste and use the app to take a picture of binning the item. From here the users are in with the chance of winning instant cash, coins to redeem for prizes and an entry into their weekly £1,000 jackpot. The tagline is ‘Bin It, To Win It’, they aim to try and encourage users to collect litter by giving them the opportunity to win prizes, and with thousands of weekly users, LitterLotto seems to have made great strides in tackling waste in the streets.

After the success of their litter clean up campaign in late 2023, LitterLotto expanded their app’s capabilities and introduced a new segment for waste created in the workplace. Now LitterLotto works alongside businesses to help improve waste management and reduce bin contamination in the work place, by designing bespoke QR codes with helpful guides and tips on best practices. These QR codes are bespoke to a specific bin and once scanned, they show what items do and do not belong in that bin. They also allow users to photograph the binned item and potentially win prizes, just like the on-the-go waste collected. The QR codes are displayed on the poster and a sticker on the bin, for staff to scan with their mobile devices and begin their LitterLotto journey.

How is it helping Cromwell?

We have utilised the LitterLotto app for well-over a year, and have held many internal competitions in the past to help tackle litter on the streets. We first heard about their expansions into waste management in the workplace after visiting an exhibition and meeting the team behind LitterLotto. After discussions with their team, we knew their new office QR codes were something we wanted to introduce at Cromwell. They are helping us to reduce contamination, with the clear waste bin instructions, whilst also giving our staff the opportunity to win prize with the everyday activity of binning waste.

We now have 9 clearly marked LitterLotto bins, if you wish to learn more about LitterLotto and join the cause by visiting their website.