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Trial Waste Collection Bags in 2024

As the new year looms, many of us are thinking about making improvements to help make 2024 a successful one, this is both in our personal lives and our professional lives too. Outside of work, we may be setting new years resolutions to save more money, start a new hobby, or make a new lifestyle change. In a professional capacity, this could involve changing working procedures to help improve the quality of output. Cromwell has some advice for local authority partners to help improve their recycling success rates during 2024.

Supply Bags

Each local authority across the UK has strategies to collect household and business waste and recycling, typically they are collected in wheelie bins or boxes, each individually collecting a certain type of waste. We work closely with a number of local authorities to help improve their waste management procedures, and one very popular option is the supply of refuse sacks and bin bags. After many successful trials, through both tenders and independent purchases, studies have shown a good increase in participation rates when councils supply waste sacks to their residents. Households receiving liners for their waste bins have also experienced a drop in contamination rates, which is great news for recycling plants, due to a reduced risk of contamination.

The supply of these bags encourages residents to discard their waste responsibly in the correct bins, and as an additional advantage, using liners within the waste receptacles helps reduce mess, odours and rotting waste in the bin. The hygiene aspect of the liner is also an attractive draw to residents.

Which bags can you provide to your residents?

Depending on the types of collections you offer, and the capacities they are collected – you can supply a wide range of sacks to your residents. Our most popular bags supplied to households are refuse sacks, wheelie liners and compostable bags. For your general waste or recycling, we would recommend a refuse sack or wheelie liner (dependent on the size of your bin), typically we would suggest a black waste sack for your general waste, but a coloured our natural for your recyclables. This helps resident easily define the bin that is best for their type of waste, often we opt for natural bags for recyclable waste, as any contaminates will be easily identifiable through the plastic bag. For food waste, we encourage you to use a compostable liner.

Coloured sacks are also popular, they can either match the colour of the bin they will be lining, or match the colour of the local authorities’ branding. The coloured bags can also be assigned a specific waste type which will allow for easier differentiation. Some councils have opted for bespoke printed bags, which contain recycling instructions, these can include, what can go in the bin, against what cannot be recycled, it can also have contact information for the council waste team, for enquiries.

Trial for the new year!

If you want to improve your recycling success rate, reduce contamination or increase your participation rate, why not trial collection bags in 2024? Give your residents an appropriate waste sack to line their waste bins or recycling receptacles and see if you experience improvements! Get in touch with us today to discuss your options for a waste sack trial.