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FPA Introduces Regulatory and Compliance Committee

For those who are regular readers of the FPA Friday Digest, you may have read about the plans for the new FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee, which were announced on Friday 19th April 2024. This will probably come as no surprise to the FPA’s audience, as it regularly highlights the issues with compliance in their weekly updates, but what is the purpose of the new committee and how will it help?

The FPA (Foodservice Packaging Association), describes itself as ‘the voice of the foodservice packaging industry, working hard to secure the future of the sector’, its members include businesses that operate across the entire foodservice supply chain, from manufacturers to front of house. The association aims to bring together every corner of the industry, whether this is through the means of their annual events, or their industry updates – which include their blog, news articles and email newsletters. One thing that the FPA prides itself on is upholding the integrity and standards within the industry, ensuring that all businesses within it are operating fairly and with the same principles. A few recent failures to do so have prompted them to introduce the new independent compliance procedure. This new committee will be analyzing business practices and will provide FPA members with the opportunity to hold non-compliant businesses to account – to help ensure a level playing field and stamp out any non-conformances.

The FPA hold strict codes of practice which its members must adhere to, this includes following and correctly implementing all government legislation and requirements, without any falsified information or claims. This newly established FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee will be responsible for administering the procedure and monitoring the codes and practices – marking a significant step forward in the association’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the foodservice packaging industry.

It was essential for the FPA that this committee would work, and as such it needed the ‘best’ people in the industry to move it forward, one of which being Anne Sutton, FPA Director, who will be taking on the role as Head of Committee. Anne who is also a director of the Packaging Federation and president of 360° Foodservice Europe, commented:‘”The committee will approach each case objectively – operating within UKAS certification compliance processes and the CMA Green Code. Our aim is to help protect the reputation of the foodservice packaging industry and we will work alongside our members to ensure all packaging claims are fully compliant and in line with the FPA’s Code of Practice”. Joining Anne in this new FPA board, are fellow industry heavy-weights, Nikki Grainge of Waitrose and John Young, formerly of Huhtamaki, with more members likely to be announced as the organisation grows. The committee has an expansive knowledge range, and over 80 years combined experience within the sector, they have worked in a variety of areas within a number of roles – so are well versed in the standards which must be up-kept.

When it comes to compliance and regulation checks, The committee will approach each case objectively – operating within UKAS certification compliance processes and the CMA Green Code. Their goal is to ensure fully compliant claims from members, to help ensure we protect and maintain our reputation in the food service section, we will identify any false claims and handle these head-on.

Mark Byrne, executive chairman at the FPA, concludes: “The committee will be holding both members and non-members to account, so now would be an opportune time for foodservice packaging suppliers to check their websites and their marketing collateral to ensure no false or spurious claims are being made!”.

We are looking forward to seeing the differences the new committee will make within the industry, which should help us all see a more defined and fair sector to be within. The FPA Regulatory and Compliance Committee can be contacted via email at