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Recycling Week is every Week at Cromwell!

In October, Recycle Now celebrates one of their flagship event of the year – ‘Recycle Week’ – their annual event which is a celebration of recycling across the nation. The campaign is celebrating its 20th year and helps bring together everyone from retailers and businesses to trade associations and the government to achieve the end goal of excellence in recycling. The week-long campaign runs from 16th – 22nd of October 2023, with the aim of galvanising the public into recycling more of the right things, more often.

This year’s theme – The Big Recycling Hunt – focuses on “missed capture”: the items that can be recycled but are commonly missed in the home. Many people admit to finding recycling confusing and often will defer to the general waste when in doubt on the recyclability of the item. Cromwell believes that recycling doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing and with a few simple steps, we can cut confusion on best practices, and this is what Recycle Week is also trying to do.

This year Recycle Week will be inspiring children, families and whole communities to get involved. The campaign will have two distinct elements: firstly for schools – encouraging the country’s children to partake in fun activities throughout Recycle Week and secondly a focus on local authorities, partners and brands to share the central message.

Here are our top tips on avoiding miss-capture:

  • Know the right bins for your waste – currently, each council is different and collects their waste differently, so you must know your recycling strategies.
  • Check your labels – most packaging will have an indicator on it whether it can or cannot be recycled. For waste that can be recycled, follow the guidance on which bin from your local authority. Waste that cannot recycled, place it in the general waste
  • Prevent contamination – as well as ensuring it goes into the correct bin, you can ensure it is clean, crushed and tape/stickers free.
Cromwell supports the return of recycle week 2022 - with out aim of being cleaner, greener and more resourceful.

For us at Cromwell these messages of good, responsible recycling from all is one which we promote throughout the entire year. Cromwell is always a proud supporter of Recycle Week because making the planet cleaner, greener and more resourceful is at the heart of what we do, and recycling is an important driver towards this vision. The products we supply help to capture and contain recyclable items, helping to make the process of recycling far easier for the end-user. For us, Recycle Week is the perfect platform to reiterate the message of correct and well-managed recycling.

Speak to Cromwell to discuss your recycling requirements.