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Poly Packed Products – The Journey Through the Warehouse

What are Poly packed products?

The new approach is a simple one, replace the cardboard cartons with polythene packaging – a lighter weight option, which requires less energy and resources to produce, whilst still providing the same great security& strength benefits as cardboard.

The polythene material is manufactured with a ‘non-slip’ coating to help ensure the products are secure and movement is limited during transit – much like a cardboard carton would. Despite misconceptions, it is also fully recyclable after use too, as well as also being manufactured from recycled content, helping close the loop on polythene sustainability. As well as being much lighter than it’s cardboard counterpart, it is also more water-resistant, which will be particularly useful for outdoor storage, it not only ensures the safety of products during transit but also offers a water-resistant barrier, protecting goods from the elements.

It’s Warehouse Impact

Waterproof protection is not the only storage benefit this new poly-packed solution has, it can also improve warehouse storage by freeing up more spaces. Initially we are trialling the new poly-packed solution on our popular BK090C1, a 90L Black 15kg refuse sack. Currently, customers are purchasing this product packed in cardboard cartons on a full pallet constructed from 90 cartons. If they make the switch to the new polypack packaging on the same product, you can fit 130 packs on a pallet (the same size). This is not only frees up more space in your warehousing and storage facility, but it also means ~410 fewer pallets are being transported each year, based on previous sales of the current packaging. Cardboard cartons have current estimates of 27.6kg CO2e per pallet, in comparison, Polypack has an estimated packaging CO2e of only 10.12kg per pallet – a saving of 17.48kg.

Try our more compact alternative to your typical cardboard cartons today – ditch the box and wave hello to the future of sustainable packaging – poly pack!