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Poly-packed products improve packaging

Our Mission is to be the most resourceful company in plastics, supplying the most suitable products in the most resource-efficient way possible. Over the years we have worked hard to ensure all of our products are manufactured with resource efficiency in mind, with the highest recycled content possible, all to reach our vision of a cleaner, greener and more resourceful planet. Our latest innovation has involved some outside-the-box thinking… literally – and improved our packaging.

Packaging at Present

Currently you will find our products packaged in compact cardboard cartons, which can neatly fit onto pallets and securely protect goods. Cardboard is widely used and highly popular due to the strength, sturdiness and excellent secure containment of the material. With this in mind, we looked to find a solution which inhabited the same excellent features, but with a reduced weight.

The Solution: Poly-packed products!

After much development and trials, the Cromwell team created the concept of Poly-packed products, an outer packaging that weighs less than cardboard cartons. The polythene material used was manufactured with a ‘non-slip’ coating to help ensure the products are secure and movement is limited during transit – much like a cardboard carton would. We also ensured the polythene was of high strength, to help keep the contents well protected and contained inside the packaging.

These new Poly-pack products are also more compact, allowing for more products to be stacked on a pallet and transported. On top of all of this, the polythene packaging is still easily recyclable and water resistant, protecting against products against unpredictable weather. The packaging is manufactured using recycled polythene, further maximising resources.

The packaging is manufactured using recycled polythene, providing a durable, robust and lighter alternative to conventional packaging materials. This not only ensures the safety of products during transit but also offers a water-resistant barrier, protecting goods from the elements.

The Comparison

Currently a pallet of BK090C1’s contains 90 cartons with and an estimated packaging C02e: 27.6kg CO2e per pallet. If switched to the new polypack packaging on the same product, you can fit 130 packs on a pallet (the same size), which has an estimated packaging CO2e of only 10.12kg per pallet – a saving if 17.48kg!

One cardboard carton of BK090C1’s emits approx 306g of per carton, where as the polypack is 77g – which is 74% less!

Poly-packed product Trials

Our 90L 15kg Black CHSA Refuse Sack – BK090C1P is the first product to be poly-packed and has also been shortlisted for The FPA’s Product Innovation Award. If you would like to improve your packaging’s resource efficiency, why not introduce our new Poly-packed BK090C1P into your stock holding?