Plastic: Best Packaging Solution for Animal Bedding

Pet care is one of the most important aspects to animal lovers and farmers, ensuring their animals are well looked after is very important to them, this is the same for both domestic and agricultural animals. Whether a household pet or farm animal, we all wish the best for these animals and one aspect of this is ensuring they have a secure and pleasant place to live and sleep.

Bedding for rural, farm, and homestead animals is a highly important and purchased item by the owners. The purpose of this bedding is not only as a place to sleep but also to provide warmth and security during the colder months. In many cases, it also helps with the wellbeing and health of the animals, as it often supports the prevention of diseases and infections.

There are many different types of animal bedding, including, straw, sawdust, grass, wood-chippings / shavings, hay, and many more. The type of material used will depend on the animal, their needs, where they live, and often the time of year. Whilst vets and breeders will be able to provide the best advice on the material to use, Cromwell, can provide the best solution to capture it.

When it comes to supplying bedding, one of the best solutions for the capture and containment is plastic packaging. Whilst some bedding suppliers offer a loose supply option for their materials, this can be a messy and difficult solution for the buyer. For many people purchasing animal bedding, a captured solution is advantageous and helps with the storage of the products.

So why plastic?

As well as being the most cost-effective solution, plastic packaging to capture the bedding material has a number of great benefits.

Plastic is both lightweight and flexible, meaning it can be molded to many shapes and has the capacity for great expansion when filled. The end result is a compact solution with great capacity levels, meaning you will be able to fit more product into plastic packaging than other alternatives such as paper or cotton – which are far less flexible.

Plastic is also high strength, reducing the risks of tears, splits and rips during fulfilment and transportation. The high strength is also great for pest and odour control – the tough surface of plastic decreases the chance of pest infestation and helps keep smells contained inside the packaging. The plastic outer material will also help prevent infections and bacteria from attacking the product, making it much safer when the animals use it.

Plastic, unlike paper and cotton, is waterproof – which helps keep the bedding dry, and fresh. Often the storage of pet bedding in farms and agricultural areas is kept outside, so plastic’s weatherproof qualities will help the product last longer and be much safer for the animals.

Finally, and some may say most importantly, plastic is the most sustainable solution for packaging against its alternatives. Plastic uses less of the earth’s resources than paper, cotton and glass – which are other commonly used types of packaging. Its lightweight and compact benefits also help with transportation and greenhouse gas emissions. And of course this type of packing can be recycled, and we can do this as part of our Polythene Recovery Service which we offer our customers.

Cromwell’s Bespoke Solutions

At Cromwell, our UK manufacturing facility creates bespoke solutions to each customer’s requirements. These can be coloured and printed to your specifications. Call us today to discuss your packaging requirements and our team will help provide you with the best animal bedding solution we can. The safety and wellbeing of your animal is a top priority to you, and helping you reach this goal can be supported by our products.

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