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Launch of the CHSA Bin Liners

Launch of the CHSA Bin Liners explained. At Cromwell we pride ourselves on providing both exceptional service and products, this involves regularly reviewing our product range and finding room for improvements. These developments not only improve the credentials of our products but they also help the customer find a desired product with ease. The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) accreditation helps us to back this claim for excellence.

For two decades, we have been proud founding members of the CHSA, committed to exhibiting industry-leading standards. Products that withhold the ‘CHSA Logo’ helps to reinforce these standards, with a stand-out accreditation, acting as a guarantee for quality. The bag with a CHSA Stamp has been rigorously tested to ensure performance, which helps to give the customer peace of mind and knowledge that what’s on the box, is in the box.

With many of our waste and recycling sack products already harbouring the CHSA logo, we were delighted to be able to attribute this to our new and improved bin liner range. With newly altered codes for easier identification, our bin liner range includes pedal, swing, and square bin bags. Ranging from 15L to 60L these bags are suitable for most household, kitchen, bathroom, and office bins. Previously, these bags were differentiated by packing, size, or colour – now with their new CHSA accreditation, they also have an identifiable durability attributed to them.

These bin liners can be described as CHSA-rated light, medium and heavy-duty, depending on the weight they withhold. This rating can then be clearly stated in the description of the product, as well as the carton to help customers choose the option best suited to their waste. Understanding how much weight each bag will hold, helps narrow down the decision-making process of finding the correct sack – an issue that many of our customers have previously faced. Alongside our pedal, swing, and square bags, we also have a draw-string swing bin liner and our popular anti-microbial scented bin liner which are also CHSA Accredited.

These improvements to the bin liner range is just one of the ways we are continually trying to improve our range to keep up with government reforms and customer demand. Cromwell’s products lead the way in innovation and quality throughout the sector, talk to our team today to discuss your requirements and our new bin liners.

Read CHSA’s announcement about the bin liner range.