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Construction Waste in Winter Months

The weather in Britain is known for being unpredictable, especially during the winter months, making it difficult to manage waste in outdoor environments like construction sites. Waste produced in outdoor settings is at higher risk of being subjected to the elements, resulting in wet, heavy and sometimes frozen properties. To better handle waste subjected to harsh winter elements, make sure your bags are up to the task.

Choose a weather-proof bag

The first thing you should consider is the material, is it weather-proof? Waste bags often come in an array of materials, typically paper, cotton, and plastic. Of these 3 options, there is only one that can protect from the damp weather, and that is plastic. When paper comes in contact with water it significantly impairs its performance, leaving your waste exposed and loose. Cotton bags may not break down in the weather, but they do soak up water which will eventually impact debris inside. Plastic is water-proof, enabling rain, sleet, snow, or hail to run straight off, keeping the contents dry.

Choose a thicker/ stronger bag

During the winter months, a thicker micron polythene bag would be our recommendation, this is due to the fact your waste may increase in weight when exposed to damp weather. Whilst a polythene sack is water-proof, the waste it captures may not be, mud, sand, and other debris all increase in weight when they come into contact with water, and during winter they will take much longer to dry out, often resulting in bulkier, heavier waste. A thicker bag will also help against pests which may try to seek sanctuary in these bags from the colder weather.


Handling construction waste during winter doesn’t have to be a chore, these simple, yet effective tips can make a huge difference to your waste management. Talk to our team today to discuss your winter sack options, we have a range of bags in an array of sizes, strengths and capacities, all weather-proof, to help the containment of weather all year round.