Windy Days

Keep litter to a minimum on a windy day with Cromwell Polythene’s Weighted bottom Kerbie recycling bag tailor-made for the collection of dry recyclables.Kerbside recycling bags in the wind
Let’s face it, we live in a place where the weather is unpredictable and with the recent figures of recycling rates on the decline we need to look at every avenue we can to help our householders increase the recycling they collect. As a householder, we know only too well how frustrating it is (after you’ve been rinsing your recycling and storing it for a fortnight) to find high winds have spread your recycling all over the drive and street.

At Cromwell Polythene we have a solution that we think is worth shouting about!

Weighted bottom Kerbie™, our very own kerbside recycling bag are tailor-made for the collection of dry recyclables. These little beauties help prevent litter and keep your community tidy time and time again. They not only have a weighted bottom (normally 500g, however, the weight can be whatever you require) but also a heavy duty Velcro fastener, easy to carry handles and the bags are of varying capacities, typically 50 to 90 litres and can be colour coded in line with common industry practice.

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