Wardrobe Refresh This Christmas? Handle Your Clothing Waste With Care & Recycle!

Christmas is fast approaching, and many of us are hitting the shops or online retailers to stock up on our Christmas presents and essentials. Whether buying or receiving gifts, many of us will undoubtedly get clothing or textiles in some form. Whether it is a hat and scarf set, a new coat, or a fresh pair of pyjamas – over the years we have all given or received a wardrobe refresher, but how do we handle the clothing waste?

Whether these items were needed, or new addition, a requested gift, or a surprise present, they soon get placed in draws or cupboards, often taking the space of your older, pre-loved clothing. Whether your new Christmas clothing has promoted a wardrobe clear out, or space is needed for the new items – you may find yourself with an abundance of textiles that you no longer have any use for. What are their next destinations? Make sure it is not the general waste bin.

Time to rejuvenate your wardrobe? Ensure you avoid textile waste.

Recycling Your Pre-loved Clothing

For clothing that is in good condition, they more than likely will be able to have a second life, via the means of recycling or donation. There are many donation options available for clothing, including charity shops and clothing banks. As well as even selling or donating your clothes online, via online selling apps like Vinted, Depop, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace (to name but a few). Some items which you no longer require might be ideal for someone else, as the old saying goes ‘one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure’. This is not only limited to clothing, other textiles including, curtains, pillows, blankets, and more are also great donations.

If a donation isn’t an available option, there are often recycling banks across the UK, where these clothes can be collected and taken for re-processing.

Rejuvenate or Repair

Sometimes when we are disposing of our clothing, it is due to wear and tear or damage, thus meaning it cannot be donated. If this is the case, it is always good to try and repair the clothing before simply throwing it away. Whether you are repairing it yourself or taking the item to the tailors – this will give your item a second life, and be once again good to wear (or if you still don’t want it, donate).

As well as repair, you can also re-rejuvenate and ‘up-cycle’ for unwanted textiles, creating them into a new product entirely. This is the process or amending and altering your clothing/textiles, into a new product, giving it a new purpose and lease of life.

If you are receiving new clothing this year for Christmas, make sure you are putting thought into the second life of your old clothing, and manage this waste accordingly. Talk to our team to find out more.