Cromwell Literature Bank

Cromwell Literature Bank


Welcome to our Cromwell Literature Bank where you can view or download a range of our literature – these information sheets cover a wide range of topics in the waste management and recycling industry and aims to strengthen your knowledge, promote our services and products, whilst educating people on the benefits of plastic as a material.

Methods of Clinical Waste Disposal – Which Bag?

Special consideration is needed when dealing with clinical waste, which requires different treatment and disposal methods, here is our guide of selecting the most appropriate clinical waste bag for your waste.

The Benefits of Plastics – Helping To Prevent Food Waste

Plastic provides many benefits across a wide range of sectors, making everyday life cleaner, more hygienic, cost effective and resource efficient. This document focuses on the significant impact just a small quantity of plastic packaging can have on the shelf-life of food.

Plastics – The Sustainable Choice

Replacing plastic with other materials such as glass or paper doesn’t necessarily make for a straightforward,
environmentally-friendly swap. There are several reasons why plastics are the most sustainable option.

Polythene Recovery Service – Supporting A Circular Economy 

Our free, used polythene recovery service is one way that we help our customers to be more resource-efficient. This document explains how it works.

Plastic by Numbers – Recycling & Resin Logos Explained

Plastic Resin Identification Code and the different recycling method logos are explained in this downloadable pdf.

Why Choose LowCO2t?

Our LowCO2t products are engineered to provide the maximum performance whilst using minimal resources, here is how it stands against other products of the same performance.

Food Waste – Challenging Best Before Dates

Depending on how your food is stored, it has the potential to be good enough to eat for a long time after this date. Here’s a guide to a few key food items and how long after the date they can be eaten: