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TEDx – Plastics Rehab

Let’s bust the myth about plastics and have some plastic rehab with this thought-provoking talk from Kim Ragaert.

Plastic Packaging and the Environment

A thought-provoking, educational video on the values and benefits of plastic packaging against alternatives.


Why Do We Need Single-Use Plastics?

An interesting article by the British Plastic Federation

Why some plastic packaging is necessary to prevent food waste and protect the environment.

A study by Dr Manoj Dora and Dr Eleni Iacovidou of Brunel University London.

British Plastics Federation responds to BBC’s War on Plastic

After the BBC’s War on Plastic programme, the BPF responded with this thought-provaking article.

Taxing Plastic Packaging Based Upon the Amount of Recycled Content

In 2019 the government proposed taxing plastic packaging products that do not contain at least 30% recycled material, BPF speak openly about this new law.

Extended Producer Responsibility

The UK plastics industry supports the government’s objective of reducing plastic waste and improving recycling rates.

Marine Litter FAQ’s 

Marine Litter Facts have compiled and explained a list of the FAQ’s.

Plastics & The Environment

Explaining the often unknown reality of plastics & the environment.

FAQ’S on Plastics

Are plastic alternatives better for the environment?

Asda uses 90,000 plastic bottles for car park resurfacing

Asda transforms 90,000 plastic water bottles into tarmac to resurface its Wakefield car park, the bottles would have otherwise gone to landfill or incineration.

Plastics are Fantastic 

Plastic packaging has so many good uses, many of which are outlined in this article

No, plastic bag sales aren’t down 90%

Plastic bag sales aren’t down 90%, despite Government claims! Channel 4 have shared the real story:

Quality concerns hit kerbside textile recycling

Material quality, tightening end markets and low participation rates are seeing councils review their kerbside textile recycling collections, has learned.

Tesco says it WON’T be joining other supermarkets phasing out plastic bags for loose fruit and veg because paper ones have a LARGER carbon footprin

Supermarket giant says it won’t join rivals in phasing out the plastic bags, They insist paper bags are worse for environment because they release more CO2

Industry Calls For Better Understanding of Plastics After Survey

Call For Better Public Understanding Of Materials After Survey Finds Only 2% Know Plastic Best At Helping To Keep Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions

PDF’s & Downloads

Fast facts about plastic bags – CBC

Plastics: A Vision for a Circular Economy – BPF

Unwrapped – How Throwaway Plastic is Failing to Solve Europe’s Food Waste Problem

BPF – Understanding the debate about plastic