Proud to provide premium products for professional cleaners

Happy New Year. We hope 2017 was a good one for you and wish you all the best for 2018.

The New Year often involves making a clean start, which is highly appropriate for one of our business divisions in particular – Janitorial.

Professional cleaners and janitorial staff play a vital role in keeping workplaces clean and hygienic, as well as supporting recycling and waste management among other responsibilities. You do have to wonder where we’d be without them. In a mess I suppose – quite literally!

We know it’s important that janitorial staff are able to work with quality products. A bag that splits and spills its contents everywhere is the last thing anyone needs. It’s also important that the quantity of material provided matches expectations. Janitors need to know the amount in the box matches the description on the outside. And, of course, personal protective equipment (PPE) must be up to the job; for hygiene, and health and safety, purposes.
Nurse with gloves
That’s why we are committed to reliably and consistently supplying high-quality products with the lowest environmental impact. We are proud to be an independent, family-run business, which sets and meets high standards. We are founding members of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA) Refuse Sack Standard Accreditation Scheme. The CHSA code of practice provides customers with an assurance of professional conduct, customer service and quality – alongside our other quality measures.

With more than 400 different sacks and bags of almost every size, shape and colour imaginable in stock, Cromwell Polythene is a major supplier of cleaning and janitorial products to companies and distributors, providing products to the ‘away from home’ cleaning market. Our janitorial division serves several specialist sectors, including catering and hygiene, wash room and sanitary waste.

Our best-selling products, include brands such as ensa®, Sansafe®, Kerbie® and LOWCO2T®. They are all exclusive to us and part of our core range of refuse and recycling sacks, bin liners, clinical and special wastes sacks, and bags for general packaging.

Complementing Cromwell’s sacks and bags portfolio is our Wave® range of disposable PPE, including latex-free, disposable gloves for professional use. These versatile gloves provide all the comfort and performance attributes of latex, but at a lower cost and without the allergy issues with which the material is often associated. Suitable for janitorial, healthcare, food and hygiene, waste management and other applications, Wave® gloves are tested to BS EN 455, are powder-free and available in a range of sizes.

For those whose need an item not on our stock list, we are able to tailor-make products – either in virgin or up to 100% recycled material.

The cleaning industry, like the plastic one, may not always be viewed in the highest regard by those not directly involved. However, we know that by working well together we make a significant contribution to the health, hygiene and sustainability of society which is definitely something to celebrate as we start the New Year.