Our new office sets the scene for a sustainable future

Here at Cromwell, we champion sustainability, and are at the forefront of innovation, constantly expanding our range of products to help organisations be more resource efficient. Our new office reflects this commitment to building a greener and cleaner future for all!

We’re proud to be the first occupants on the new Sherburn2 Enterprise Park in Yorkshire. Our new home is a brand new purpose built headquarters and distribution facility. The building has Certificate A rating energy performance, solar panels, EV charging points, and a state-of-the-art Building Management System with heat recovery for optimum efficiency, so our business partners can be sure of a warm welcome even during the coming winter months!

Our customers are at the heart of our business development, with their sustainability goals being the focus. We’re proud to be an independent, family-run business of over thirty-six years standing, committed to supplying products that help companies capture and contain valuable resources.

There is a growing demand for responsible products, which not only meet our waste and recycling challenges, but also help combat climate change. The 50,000sqft distribution warehouse, with 7,000 pallet spaces and stylish offices provide us with the space to develop new additions to our broad portfolio of products for the capture and containment of resources for recycling.

Last month we added to our popular LowCO2t ™ range, which now incorporates green, red, blue, and yellow sacks. These are a great visual reminder to help in the separation of different materials for recycling. This range helps to reduce both the volume of plastic and the energy used in manufacturing, and also helps to minimise greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in transportation through the supply chain.

Our range also includes compostable sacks and liners for food and garden waste made from Ecopond® biodegradable resin – for which we are the sole distributor among local authorities and the recycling and waste management sector in the UK.

The new office also caters for our growing team. We recently welcomed six new members – including Katie Gaitley, Account Manager, Josh Robinson, Customer Care and Rosie Crossley, our new Marketing Assistant. We also have three new warehouse operatives, bringing the warehouse team to fourteen.

Our business is thriving, largely down to the commitment, dedication and talent of our hardworking staff, but also due to the loyalty of our customers, some of whom have been on the journey with us for most of the last 36 years. In fact, our culture is very much like an extended family, thanks to everyone in the team, and we’re all delighted that we can share in Cromwell Polythene’s success.

As Cromwell starts its next chapter, there will be plenty more to come this year in terms of product and service developments and events, so keep an eye on this diary for more exciting updates!